Huda Beauty shared a sneak peek of her new foundation, and we need it ASAP

Huda Kattan’s beauty empire (and legions of fans) keep growing thanks to her impeccable taste, a commitment to creating high-quality products, and a diverse shade range — she deserves every bit of success she gets! Huda Beauty is coming out with a foundation in the near future, and we have a feeling it’s going to cause an Internet stampede the likes of which we have never seen! Huda shared a sneak peek of the foundation while doing a tutorial of her daily look, and it’s even better than we could have possibly imagined.

Even the packaging is incredibly cool and sleek, which really shouldn’t surprise us at this point since Huda leaves no stone unturned when it comes to creating the ultimate makeup product! That said, there clearly isn’t a label on it since it’s a secret formula, so who knows what changes will come to the packaging!

So that’s where her perfectly even, glowy skin comes from!

Huda begins the tutorial by applying her brows and eye makeup first, because she doesn’t like fallout from shadows on her skin. Neither do we, Huda! After putting some oil on her skin, she finally shows us the goods — THE FOUNDATION!


Um, hi, hello can we talk about the fact that Huda’s bare skin looks like it has amazing foundation on it already? It’s perfect!

Huda explains that she prefers to use a brush with stippled ends for foundation as opposed to a BeautyBlender or sponge because sponges soak up too much foundation for her liking. That said, she does say that her foundation would work beautifully with a sponge and it would be perfect for a lighter, more natural look.


For the purposes of the video, Huda put a lot of foundation on her mixing palette, but she states that you really don’t need that much to achieve great coverage because it’s really highly pigmented.


You can instantly see how incredible the coverage is and how perfectly it matches her natural skin tone!


Get a load of that silky smooth skin! Even from way over here you can see how it covers imperfections beautifully and gives you rich coverage that looks incredible.


Huda glammed herself up and looks amazing, as always!


Has it ever been more apparent how important a perfect base of foundation is for elevating your entire look?

Check out the entire video for yourself, below.

We can’t wait to try the foundation for ourselves! That coverage and finish are unparalleled — launch day is going to be a bloodbath! (Figuratively speaking, of course, we would never advocate violence of any kind, not even when the stakes are Huda Beauty high!)

Are you itching to get your hands on Huda’s foundation like we are?

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