Huda Beauty shared a sneak peek of a mysterious new product, and we’re dying to know what it is

Sneak peeks are all the rage on beauty brands’ social media pages these days, and we love it — any little taste of what’s to come is enticing and exciting, no matter how vague it is! Case in point: Huda Beauty has given us a tease of a new mystery product, and even though we can’t really even begin to decipher what it could possibly be, we are so thrilled to know that something new is headed our way!

The Instagram photo gives us a look at some shadow pans in black and white, so they could really be anything from eyeshadows to her highlighter palette, to blush or bronzer! The possibilities are endless!

As Trendmood points out, even with this black and white photo we can tell that it’s got a creamy consistency, which makes us believe it could be the highlighter that she gave us a look at a few weeks back on her Instagram Stories. We just hope that if that’s the case, that it comes out soon!

We love all of Huda’s products and will be bursting with anticipation waiting to find out what this next one could be. We’ll just have to bide our time by scrolling through her gorgeous Instagram like we always do!

Are you kidding us with this liquid lipstick?

That coverage is absolute perfection.

And we love when she throws a selfie our way — her makeup is sheer magic!

Are you still coveting her rose gold palette, or are you a die-hard fan?

Don’t forget about her lashes!

Literal goals.

Do you have any ideas as to what could possibly be in those black and white pans? Our money is on highlighter, but we could totally be wrong. They look relatively large like they could be a blush, as opposed to smaller eyeshadow tins. But who can know! Keep your eyes trained on her account to see if we get any other looks at what this exciting new product could be in the near future!

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