Thanks to Huda Beauty’s new foundation, you won’t need to use Snapchat’s “pretty filter”

As much as we loving playing with filters on Instagram and Snapchat, what we really all want is perfect skin that looks like it’s been run through photoshop IRL. Our dreams just might come true this fall thanks to Huda Beauty’s new Faux Filter foundation — it’s the most excited we’ve been for a foundation in a long time.

Leave it to the master of makeup to come up with skin-perfecting foundation and make it ultra-accessible. Huda has incredible taste when it comes to new products, which is why we’re never surprised to hear her makeup has sold out fast.

The Huda Beauty Faux Filter foundation will be available this coming October for $40.

The proof is in the pudding, friends. Not only does this foundation blur the look of pores and evens out your skin tone while giving you a lovely glow, but it looks ultra-creamy and light.

Huda has been working on creating this foundation for two years, and we have a feeling her hard work will pay off. Even better? The foundation comes in 30 shades— an impressive range of shades. Most brands will release limited shade ranges their first time out the gate, but not Huda. Her commitment to diversity is just one of the many reasons we love her — and why fans always show up for her products.

There will also be Complexion Perfection Primer for $35.

There’s also going to be a Face Blending Brush.

You’ll have that full coverage you’ve always wanted with your skin radiating through. October can’t come soon enough, we’re already dreaming about how great we’ll look once we’ve got our claws on it.

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