Just in case it slipped your mind, Huda Beauty is launching their Lip Strobes tomorrow

If you’re currently feeling like you forgot something important, but you’re not sure what, we’ve got your back. We have a feeling that tickle in your memory is the anticipation for the Huda Beauty Lip Strobes, which are launching on Thursday, June 22nd. That’s tomorrow, which means we just have one more day to get our lives together before Huda Beauty’s appealing Lip Strobes descend upon us.

The brand new set of lip glosses includes 12 new shades, all with the shimmery quality you’ll need to hit up the dance floor under a strobe light.

Huda Beauty knows how to create products that fulfill their glamorous names.


All of the new liquid matte shades will cost $18 a pucker, a reasonable price considering how unique these color formulas are.

They’ll be available exclusively through the Huda Beauty website tomorrow. Then, on June 29th, they’ll be available on Sephora‘s website too.


Even the packaging for the Huda Beauty Lip Strobes looks like a holographic nightlife dream.


We want an eyeshadow that looks like that packaging.

Which shade(s) from the lineup are you the most excited for?

We’re having a hard time choosing, but we’ve got our eyes on the shimmery Amethyst shade.

Now our lips can match the glittery lights of the dance floor, finally.