Huda Beauty is expanding her liquid matte collection with three new shades

We really didn’t think it could get any better than when Huda Beauty released a lipstick vault of her insanely gorgeous liquid matte collection — but it turns out we were wrong! It looks like there are THREE new liquid lipstick shades headed our way, and we are flipping out over it! Huda has impeccable taste, so it’s no surprise that she has added such beautiful new colors to her line.

Of the three new shades, one, Silver Fox, is totally brand new, and two of the lipsticks, Show Girl and Socialite, are minis that are now going to be available as full-sized lipsticks!

These liquid lipsticks look positively rich and velvety, don’t you think?

Silver Fox was inspired by her husband, and we are seriously digging this gorgeous purple-grey!

We can assume that as with the rest of Huda Beauty’s full-sized matte liquid lipsticks, these new additions will be $20, each.

Not only does Huda Beauty create truly gorgeous products like their liquid lipsticks and eye palettes, but her social media accounts are a never-ending font of beauty inspiration. Huda, herself, is perfectly honed in on what trends and techniques are on their way in and she generously shares them all with her loyal followers!

She would never keep a good tutorial to herself!

And there’s no better way to see how these stunning lipsticks will look on than by seeing how they look on others!

We can even count on her to give us her fave DIY recipes, since sometimes we just want to do it ourselves!

We’re gonna skiddadle right on home to try that one!

Be on alert and ready to snatch up these new shades as soon as they become available. It’s not like we weren’t all already planning to be lurking on Huda Beauty’s social media sites anyways!

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