Huda Beauty could possibly be coming out with a lip gloss, and we are sort of freaking out

Some people are lip gloss fans and others aren’t, but given the recent wave of lip glosses hitting the market, it’s smart for both beauty lovers and brands who previously eschewed gloss to just get on board and enjoy the ride! Huda Beauty knows what’s good, and Huda Kattan has been hinting that she is coming out with her very own lip gloss! Gone are the days of gloss being considered childish or cheap — high-end brands are embracing gloss and releasing absolutely gorgeous shades and formulas for everyone to enjoy!

Lip glosses have come such a long way from the halcyon days of our youths where we’d swipe a sticky, clear (occasionally glittery) gloss on our lips and in a matter of minutes have it smeared on our chins and our hair stuck in it. The advancements made in gloss formulas have been huge and they’re now super comfortable to wear and can look very elegant!

Huda, herself, stated in her Instagram Story that she’s “not a gloss girl,” so if she has developed a gloss for beauty brand then you know it’s going to be ON POINT. We won’t be contending with stickiness and the shades will be gorgeous and universally flattering!

Huda gave us a little peek in her Instagram Stories. From the looks of it, the shade she’s wearing is a lovely, soft nude pink.


It looks just as smooth and even as her glorious Liquid Matte lipsticks, we’re so curious to get more information on the formula and shades!


Can’t hide that Huda shine!

We’ll definitely be waiting with bated breath to hear more details on her upcoming lip gloss. We can’t say that we’re really surprised that Huda is dipping her toes into the gloss world, it’s a natural step for expanding her empire. We’ll definitely be first in line to grab some and happily smack our lips away into the night!

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