HSN’s “Beauty and the Beast” accessory line has the most enchanting products we’ve ever laid our eyes on

Oftentimes, the most enchanting details in a fairytale aren’t the elaborate outfits or the heroic dragons, but rather, all of the whimsical household tools and gadgets. So, HSN’s new Beauty and the Beast accessory line is a stroke of genius, particularly since we all know the talking teapots are the best part of the story.

In celebration of the new Beauty and the Beast movie starring Emma Watson as Belle, the wonderful website full of good sales known as HSN has already released accessories dedicated to the film. So now, you  can infuse your daily style with a bit of Belle’s Disney magic, but hopefully not the whole “getting kidnapped” bit.

The collection includes everything from purses to pillows, and most of the items cost between $35 and $60!

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Naturally, we picked out a few of our faves to share with you.

The Danielle Nicole Miss Potts Bag from HSN, $58


The Danielle Nicole Book Clutch from HSN, $58.90


Disney’s Beauty and the Beast set of four mugs from HSN, $34.95


Disney’s Beauty and the Beast set of four plates from HSN, $34.95


Disney’s Beauty and the Beast within tapestry from HSN, $34.95


Luke Henderson Mini Train Case in rose from HSN, $39.95


Luke Henderson Book Clutch With Brushes in blue from HSN, $45


You can check out the full collection on HSN while you wait for the new Beauty and the Beast movie to hit theaters on March 17th!

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