An HR manager has been fired for mocking a Vietnamese dad’s broken English

A Vietnamese dad received a degrading email from a human resources manager when applying for a job. His daughter, Emily Huynh, from Seattle, Washington, took to Twitter on Monday, January 22nd, to share a photo of the email thread with a response from HR Manager Bruce Peterson of Dash Delivery LLC that read:

“If you no speak English, I will send you home.

The Twitter post has since gone viral, with many users offering support. Subsequently, the HR manager has been fired from his position.

According to 18-year-old Huynh, her father has been jobless for the past two years after being laid off as an overnight truck driver. In an interview with Next Shark, Huynh said, “My dad told me that he isn’t that ‘hurt’ by it, but there’s a big stigma around Asian immigrant parents that deal with this all the time. They brush it off because they don’t understand the depth of the situation.” false

She continued, “People always use micro aggressions with or without knowing they do which is a big concern when it comes to the treatment of future citizens. I’m just disgusted.”

The following evening, Huynh received an apology email from Dash Delivery LLC stating that Peterson had been fired. Huynh told BuzzFeed News:

"My dad is a very forgiving person and accepts the apology," Huynh said. "His words were, 'what has happened already happened, what else can we do?'"

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The post prompted words of support and understanding. For many children of immigrants, the situation was all too familiar.

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Huynh also told BuzzFeed News that the support has resulted in numerous job offers for her dad. We love a positive ending.