How you can buy “Fire and Fury,” the book about Donald Trump everyone’s talking about

If you’ve been on the internet at all the past few days, chances are you’ve heard something about Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House. The tell-all book about President Donald Trump and his inner-world, written by Michael Wolff, is trending hard, and you probably want to know where you can buy a copy — no matter which side of the political line you’re on.

Fire and Fury was originally supposed to be released on Tuesday, January 9th, but ended up being released early on January 5th in direct response to Trump’s attempt to get the book banned (he sent a cease and desist letter to Wolff and his publisher, Henry Holt & Co.).

If you plan on reading it, expect a lot of details on what Washington has been like since Trump became president — and it’s definitely not a favorable account. Wolff is a journalist who was granted access to the Trump administration by the president himself in 2016. He spent a lot of time in the West Wing doing research, conducted over 200 interviews with Trump and his staff, and reportedly even taped some of the conversations he writes about in the book.

The Trump administration has struggled with the fallout of the book since certain excerpts became public. Trump claims he never gave Wolff access to the White House, and White House spokeperson Sarah Sanders says Trump is “furious and disgusted” with the book.

If you want to buy it, you better head out now to find a copy, because we have a feeling it’s going to sell out fast. It’s available to purchase on Amazon, where you can get it immediately if you’re buying a Kindle version. Looking for a physical copy? The site says you can expect it to be shipped in two to four weeks.

Books-A-Million currently says it has copies in stock, and Barnes and Noble appears to be sold out but does have an audio-copy. Of course, you can also purchase this book at most local bookstores — just be sure to act fast.

Good luck getting your copy!

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