Here’s how women really feel about using menstrual cups because nothing about your period is easy

While each month’s period can offer a semblance of rhythm and consistency in an oft random and absurd world, it can also add a lot of tedious annoyances to our days. In an attempt to soothe the burdens of constant tampon-changing — and help impede the imminent environmental catastrophe, many women choose menstrual cups. But how do women really feel about using menstrual cups? Like most things surrounding our periods, it depends.

Maybe you’ve heard of the brands: Diva Cup, Soft Cup, The Keeper and Lunette. There are actually over 20 menstrual cup brands being sold worldwide. The cups, usually made from medical-grade silicone, are often praised for simplifying that ‘time of the month’ (which is a terrible euphemism for ‘menstruation period’). They’re also more sustainable than disposable tampons and pads, so it’s good for the environment.  But are menstrual cups really all the simple? Is it totally worth it?

Luckily, Whisper reveals how lots of women really feel about menstrual cups:

When you realize that it’s actually comfortable… Maybe too comfortable


Most menstrual cups suggest that you only leave them in for up to 12 hours, which really is better than the tampons’ suggested maximum of 8 hours!

Shed an economic burden as you shed the lining of your uterus


Saving money on tampons = more money for chocolate.

Caution: spillage may occur


Yeah, you might not want to take it out over a white carpet.

Some have extreme confidence in their leak-free protection


You can still wear underwear though, don’t worry.

Just plug your ears while you plug your… nevermind 


Yes, the menstrual cup often creates suction, but that just means it’s secure!

The hassles of womanhood are abundant. I mean, even just walking down the street can be terrible. But nothing is more annoying than the menses. Whether you decide to forgo the tampons, convert to menstrual cup-ism, or even slap a pad on your underwear, make sure to treat yourself well while menstruating (and every other week of the month, too).