How to use the new Instagram update, which lets you make video calls (!)

On May 1st, Instagram unveiled several updates that seem like they’ll make the photo-sharing app way more fun. From posting to Instagram Stories directly from other apps to video chatting with friends, Instagram is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for all your social media needs. Here’s how to get the most out of this recent Instagram update.

Instagram Stories will soon be directly connected to other apps, like Spotify and GoPro, allowing you to post what song you’re currently listening to, or the ~rad shot~ you just captured on GoPro. Simply tap the share option within the Spotify and GoPro apps and choose “Instagram Stories.” From there, you can edit, share the content via Direct, or post to Stories.

According to an Instagram blog post, more apps will be adding the “direct to Stories” feature soon.

Stories will also feature interactive camera effects designed by third parties exclusively for their followers. When you see an account you follow using a new camera effect, tap “Try it on” to add it to your tray, so you can then use it within your personal Stories.

The new update will allow us to video chat with our friends via Direct, either one-on-one or within a small group.

To hop on a video call, tap the camera icon in the top-right corner of a Direct message thread. Those who aren’t able to join the call can still message within the thread. You’ll also be able to minimize the video chat, so you can check on your feed while on the call.

And finally, your personal Explore page will look a bit different when the update installs. Across the top of the page, you’ll soon see topic channels that are personally tailored to your interests. Procrastinating on the Explore page just got easier — and, well, more dangerous.

Instagram is still testing many of these upcoming features and will begin to roll them out over the course of the next few weeks. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled and prepare to have fun with this new update.

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