How To with Laura: How to Deal with Anger

How to deal with anger is a very important issue in our modern world filled with crazy people doing stupid things and normal people doing annoying things. How you deal with anger affects not only yourself, but every single person around you, as well as plants and animals, too.

There are a lot of things to be angry about every single day: your job, your lack of job, your family, your lack of family, your giant pile of money, your lack of a giant pile of money, people who are hungry, people who aren’t hungry enough, and not being able to find pajama jeans in your size. And there are all sorts of way to deal with one’s anger.

Some people like to deal with their anger head on, with confrontation and pointed words. Others prefer to physically express themselves, whether punching faces who upset them or punching the air their Tae Bo instructor tells them to. Lord knows Billy Blanks taught me to air punch through a lot of my anger.

I think I air punched my way through most of my teenage anger. Thanks, Billy!

Another Billy who helped me deal with my anger was Billy Elliot.

He would get so mad he’d just have to dance because there was no way to express his rage. Through his twinkling toes I learned to twinkle mine, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve busted out a Foxtrot while dealing with poor customer service at the post office. Or Charlestoned my way through the quiet parts of movies in a theatre when someone starts talking on their cell phone.

There are so many creative solutions to your anger problems. Easy solutions. I know I usually look to TV and movies to solve my problems, but today I urge us all to look inward. Check out my tips in the video below and I hope they help you out. I really really do.

What makes you mad? And what are some of the ways you all deal with anger?

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