How To Win The Hearts of Your Biggest Celebrity Crushes

Our celebrity boyfriend fantasies are what get us through the day more often than not, and it’s hard to imagine a world in which we didn’t secretly believe Paul Rudd would fall in love with us if only we could meet (note: in our imaginary world, Paul Rudd is also not married). On dark days, though, it’s also hard to extinguish crybaby thoughts such as “but, what can we bring to the relationship?” given we’re not famous, rich or otherwise “important” enough to warrant the love of an A-lister. Boo hoo.

The answer came to us recently via good ol’ grandma, who happily advised us that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Sure, the saying is a bit antiquated, but we’re willing to bet that no woman’s cause (or man’s cause, for that matter) has ever been hurt by serving their crush a delicious home-cooked meal. So, today we’ve prepared 5 broke-girl-friendly dream meals for our 5 favorite heartthrobs. Should we, or you–we’re givers here at Broke Girl’s Guide— ever meet these men, it might pay to have a customized menu at the ready.

Ian Somerhalder

Justin Bieber

Bradley Cooper

Note: We might also try this out on him.

Harry Styles

Leonardo DiCaprio

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