How to Wear Shapewear As Outerwear

I’m back, Gigglers, and it’s about that time for another fashion fix.

Today I’m showing you how I created a simple look wearing shapewear as outerwear. Sometimes certain shapewear pieces can be a bit risque and may not be appropriate to wear to certain places, but with these three tips, you will be ready to rock your shapewear anywhere, and for any occasion.

1. Make sure to pick a style that has enough coverage & great style appeal to make it appropriate for showing.

2. The best way to wear a lingerie as an outerwear is to wear it as a top, as you will have endless options to pair your shapewear with.

3. Love your body! If you don’t first love your body, whatever size it may be, no shaper will ever help you in any way. It can give you shape, boost your posture, make you walk taller and give you curves, but if you can’t look in the mirror and love what you see, then it won’t work!

We all have parts that need work or toning, and that’s okay – it’s normal. It’s why shapers and corsets are beautiful things to exist – so we can wear them, feel great and look great… and that’s most important! I hope all of these tips will come in handy the next time you decide to wear your shapewear piece and create a stunning look. Remember, you only look as good as you feel, so feel great about yourself no matter what! Find stunning Shapwear pieces at Vedette Shapewears.

I’m Wearing:

TOP: Vedette

SKIRT: Forever21


VEST: Forever 21

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Produced/DP/ & Edited by: Nikita Hartley/Cymone Hartley
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