10 Ways to Wear a Bucket Hat That Don’t Scream Bait and Tackle

Find out how to make the bucket hat trend work with your wardrobe.

A 2015 article asked the question, “Can Rihanna bring back the bucket hat?” Our answer today would be a definite yes. Now, we don’t know if the “Needed Me” singer is solely responsible for reviving the ’90s fashion trend, but she definitely had a hand in it. The star has stepped out in almost every kind of bucket hat there is—from fuzzy to snakeskin—and the fashion world has followed. For the past several years, bucket hats have been showing up on the runway, in the streets, and at the beach, and they’re still going strong today.

Like every other ’90s trend that’s made a comeback—think biker shorts, frosted lips, and blue eyeshadow—bucket hats aren’t for everyone. That said, they can be styled many different ways, becoming the perfect accessory to a laidback outfit or topping off a more dressed up look. Whether giving a nod to the fisherman that bucket hats were originally invented for, or to the ’90s hip hop scene that solidified the hats in fashion history, wearing a bucket hat always makes a statement. So, to learn how to do it right, we rounded up some of our favorite bucket hat outfits below. Keep scrolling for inspiration on how to wear a bucket hat and how to make the look work for your wardrobe.

1. Wear a denim bucket hat with primary colors.

cardi b bucket hat

For the ultimate ’90s kid look, take styling tips from Cardi B and go for a denim bucket paired with bright primary colors. If bold colors aren’t your thing, you can go for a simple white T-shirt and jeans, evoking the spirit of the iconic decade with double denim instead.

Shop a denim bucket hat like Cardi B’s below.

denim bucket hatdenim bucket hat

Wild Fable Women's Denim Bucket Hat

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2. Wear a tie-dye bucket hat with a trench coat.

tie dye bucket hat

We’ve all taken a turn with the tie-dye loungewear sets, so why not a tie-dye bucket hat? Contrast the bright and playful design of a tie-dye bucket hat with something more structured and utilitarian, like a long trench coat, and basics underneath.

Shop a tie-dye bucket hat below.

tie dye bucket hattie dye bucket hat

Mashiaoyi Unisex Print Double-Side-Wear Reversible Bucket Hat

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3. Wear a bucket hat with a graphic T-shirt.

You can stay on trend while also keeping comfy by pairing a patterned bucket hat with a graphic T-shirt and sweats. Throw on some cool sunglasses and your favorite sneakers for an easy yet still Instagram-worthy outfit that’s very Y2K.

Shop a checker printed bucket hat below.

bucket hatbucket hat

Checkered Bucket Hat

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4. Wear a fuzzy bucket hat with a preppy cardigan.

Influencer Emma Chamberlain could have easily joined the cast of Clueless with her ’90s inspired outfit above. Pairing a fuzzy bucket hat with a cardigan, tiny sunglasses, and jorts is the perfect way to combine throwback fashion trends for today.

Shop a fuzzy bucket hat like Chamberlain’s below.

fuzzy bucket hatfuzzy bucket hat

Womens Lambs Wool Bucket Hat

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5. Wear a bucket hat with a sweater dress and chain belt.

Sometimes, a bucket hat is like the perfect hair accessory to complete an already great outfit. Take some style tips from the above look and pair a neutral-toned bucket hat with an oversized sweater dress, a chain belt, and some thigh high boots.

Shop a tan bucket hat below.

tan bucket hattan bucket hat

UO Washed Bucket Hat

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6. Wear a cheetah-print bucket hat with a leather blazer.

elsa hosk bucket hat

Cheetah print and leather are two of the best fashion trends to come from the ’90s, and Elsa Hosk made a great move in pairing them together. Recreate the model-approved outfit above by styling a cheetah print bucket hat with a leather blazer, light wash jeans, and sleek black boots.

Shop a cheetah print bucket hat below.

cheetah print bucket hatcheetah print bucket hat

UO Leopard Print Bucket Hat

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7. Wear a Kangol bucket hat with joggers and sneakers.

ciara bucket hat

Ciara went all out ’90s with the same brand of bucket hat that both LL Cool J and Missy Elliott were known to wear back in the day. She paired the Kangol bucket hat with some extra loose joggers, classic white sneakers, and a Cher Horowitz-approved look: a tank top layered over a T-shirt.

Shop a Kangol bucket hat below.

kangol bucket hatkangol bucket hat

Kangol Bermuda Casual Hat

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8. Wear a bucket hat with an oversized blazer and jeans.

kaia gerber bucket hat

You can never go wrong with the oversized blazer and jeans outfit template, and adding a trendy bucket hat on top only enhances the look. Throw on some Dr. Martens and retro-inspired sunglasses to evoke Kaia Gerber’s cool girl style.

Shop a printed bucket hat like Gerber’s below.

kate spade bucket hatkate spade bucket hat

Kate Spade New York Emily Plaid Reversible Bucket Hat

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9. Wear a crochet bucket hat with a mini skirt.

DIY fashion has been taking over since the pandemic started and crochet bucket hats are a big part of the trend. Style a crochet bucket hat with a mini skirt and chunky sandals for a playful look, or go for the cottagecore aesthetic by pairing it with a flowy maxi dress instead. You can also browse crochet bucket hats on Etsy so you can support creators and small businesses while getting in on the DIY fashion trend.

Shop a crochet bucket hat below.

etsy crochet bucket hatetsy crochet bucket hat

Crocheted Bucket Hats

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10. Wear a printed bucket hat with a swimsuit.

Finally, one of the best ways to wear a bucket hat is the way it was intended: to protect you from the sun. This makes a bucket hat the perfect beach accessory, shielding both your face and neck from UV rays. Of course, if you happen to match your swimsuit to your hat and get a photo opp out of wearing it at the same time, that’s great too.

Shop a fruit printed bucket hat below.

cherry bucket hatcherry bucket hat

Cherry Bucket Hat

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Whether you’re a bucket hat person or not, you can find a way to make the trend work with your wardrobe with one of the above outfit ideas.

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