How to use Instagram’s addictive new Superzoom feature

So there’s yet another reason to be obsessed with social media, and it’s the Instagram Superzoom feature that everyone is talking about. If you thought Insta already had awesome features, start mentally preparing for a whole new look to your quirky vids. Warning: This provides hilarious entertainment that could be highly addictive.

The Superzoom records a 3-second video of you quickly zooming in on something, and then adds tense music for dramatic effect (think: the most cliché reveal moment in a cheesy old movie). It’s incredibly creative and we’re sending major kudos to the team that designed it. And like all Insta features, Superzoom is incredibly user-friendly.

If you’re new to Insta or just don’t consider yourself tech savvy (no shame in that game), you might be thinking: But…how? And don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Here’s a simple run down of how to do Superzoom yourself.

Open Instagram and click on the camera icon.


Then select “SUPERZOOM” (next to Boomerang).

Then just point the camera at someone’s face (you can technically point it at anything, but we find it’s generally best if there’s some sort of extreme facial expression involved because the camera zooms in real close). Press the camera button and let the record function do its thing. Like so:

via giphy

And don’t forget to turn the sound up full blast!

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can get really creative.

Welp, we officially know what we’ll be doing all day today. Farewell, productivity! HAPPIEST OF FRIDAYS TO YOU.

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