How to use the new “selfie scene” on your iPhone X

If you’re one of the lucky humans in possession of a new iPhone X (or at the very least, plan to be one of those lucky humans sometime in the near future), then you will most definitely want to know how to use the new selfie scene feature in Apple Clips, which is rolling out in a new update today, November 9th.

If you have an iPhone 5 or higher, then you may already be aware of the Clips app. It allows you to enhance short videos and pics with graphics, texts, and effects.

But the new “selfie scene” feature in Clips on the iPhone X takes things to a whole new level.

The iPhone X’s camera and software comes with “Truedepth,” a depth-perception feature that allows you to seemingly interact with 3D objects — meaning it can help you do things like test out glasses frames without actually trying them on, or make it seem like you’re in a room or space that you aren’t. Kind of like instant, super high quality green screen. It also means your Clips will be way more realistic and nuanced (you can even add sound effects).

Basically, you can do awesome stuff like this:


Or this:


And how do you use the new selfie scene in Clips, you ask?

Simple. Just grab your iPhone X and go to your Clips app. If you don’t see the new “selfie scene” feature,  go to the Apple Store and check for any available updates. If you update Clips and still don’t see selfie scenes, then try force quitting and re-opening the app. And if that still doesn’t work, then that’s okay — this is a big rollout and it might take a few hours for Apple to work out the kinks.

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Once you successfully have the selfie scenes feature, select “CAMERA” (it should automatically go to selfie mode), and press record. Once you’ve taken your picture or video, you can select your background, stickers, graphics, text, and even music and sound effects. And viola! You’re done.

And sharing your selfie scene is super easy, too.

The pics and videos you make in Clips are made for sharing, meaning they won’t lose quality or get blurry when you send via text, Whatsapp, etc. So share away, friends!

Now go forth and show us your best selfie scenes!