How to trick yourself into keeping your desk organized with cute accessories

Maybe you’ve recently headed back to school. Maybe you’re determined to get your act together before the end of the year. Maybe you’re about to start your first ever big-girl job. Or maybe you just feel like treating yourself to something that will actually make your life a bit easier. Whatever the case may be, right now is as good a time as any to get organized.

But listen: We get it. You have a lot on your plate, and organizing is one of those things that tends to fall by the wayside. Our best tip? Get your desk organized and the rest will follow — and have fun with it! Sometimes treating yourself to a few fun, pretty desk accessories is all it takes to take your life from hot mess to totally under control.

We’re into these 11 finds, which will make getting it together more fun than you ever could have imagined.

These “compliment” pencils


Who needs positive feedback when you have these pencils to keep your self-esteem sky high for just $10? Store these in a pretty pencil cup and use ’em whenever you need a boost of self-confidence (or, you know, to write something down).

These “Boss Lady” notepads


Never forget that you’re a BOSS. And also, never write personal notes to yourself on plain looseleaf paper ’cause it’s just not nearly as exciting as these bold $18 notepads.

This motivational paperweight


You do. And your papers won’t fly all over the place if you incorporate this handy little $10 reminder to keep them in place.

This sassy pencil case


Literally just hold this sassy, $14 case up whenever someone tries to bother you while you’re in the work/study zone.

This barely-there paper organizer


This ain’t your daddy’s bulky old file cabinet. This sleek, pretty piece will help you keep all your files neatly organized (which totally beats having them floating all over your desk, right?) for $48.

The prettiest planner we ever did see


You’ll actually WANT to stay on top of your deadlines and commitments with this $24 beautiful book in hand.

The cutest stapler OF ALL TIME


Say goodbye to that eyesore of a stapler you’ve had since 1998 and upgrade to this pretty thing for $17.99 instead. Who cares if you barely ever need to staple anything? This is a legit work of art.

A handy organizer


If you tend to stash things like makeup, hand cream, chargers and jewelry (you know, the essentials) on your desk, this compartmentalized organizer for $22.49 is just what you need.

Tiny drawers


This is perfect for stashing underneath your desk and only $19.58 at Amazon. Store chargers, loose change, your remotes and other essentials away to keep your workspace clean.

This glam pineapple clip holder 


Get those stray pages, photos, receipts and mail out of your hands and into these cute gold clips, which come with a pineapple-shaped trinket dish for $18 at Anthropologie.

Scissors that double as décor


Snip, snip! We love how these $18 metallic shears instantly brighten up a workspace.

Now that you’re all stylishly supplied, it’s time to get to work!

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