How to Throw the Best ‘Breaking Bad’ Season Premiere Party Ever!

Breaking Bad’s LAST SEASON (half-season, technically) premiere is this Sunday and I don’t know about you, but I am dying to see what happens to Walt. There are definite spoilers in this post, so if you haven’t caught up on the show, beware.

Okay. Here are some things I wanna know:

  1. What is Hank going to do to Mr. White now that he’s pieced everything together? On the toilet, no less.
  2. How is Walter going to get himself out of THIS mess? Killing a whole bunch of people, I presume.
  3. Why was Walter at a Denny’s at the beginning of the 5th season with his hair grown out and plate of bacon reading “52”, if I remember correctly? Which means this is the future. Where are Skyler and Flynn aka Walt Jr.??
  4. Is Hank going to kill Walt? Is Walt going to kill Hank? Is everyone going to kill everyone? I’ve got a bad feeling that none of this will end well..
  5. What happens to Baby Holly?!

Okay, so I guess all of those questions will somehow be answered in the following weeks, but in order to prepare for Breaking Bad’s return, I’ve come up with some party plans. Because there’s no party like a Breaking Bad party, let me tell you, and I’m not methin’ around (….I HAD TO).

Let’s start with setting the mood. To create Breaking Bad ambiance, purchase some Erienmeyer flasks, beakers, and round-bottom flasks. You can buy a kid’s set like this, look for supplies on Ebay, or…ask your old science teacher if she doesn’t mind letting you borrow some supplies for a good time, I mean, cause.

A Periodic Table of Elements display is a must. Because today we’re honoring chemistry!

Costumes are always fun, and we have a few characters to choose from even though some are dead, sadly.

You could go with Gus Fring: yellow button up shirt, dark tie, and some simple glasses. Marie Schrader is a huge fan of purple, so anything purple works. Jesse Pinkman always goes for the thug look, so anything two sizes too big on you and sagging works perfectly. I’m going to go as Jane Margolis and wear all black, some Hot Topic studded bracelets from the 7th grade, and top it off with some Ruby Woo lipstick. Finally, we have Heisenberg himself, who always wears something practical, but is well known for his green button-up. If you have a black hat and sun-glasses, you immediately earn brownie points.

Let’s talk food and drink. The most important part of any gala.

For an appetizer, you could start off with Raisin Bran, just like most episodes of Breaking Bad did. If you feel inspired, perhaps scramble up some eggs and turkey bacon (Walt’s birthday breakfast that Skyler always makes).

For your main entrée, what is more appropriate that chicken? Order some fried chicken to salute Los Pollos Hermanos. For a healthier option, make these skinny-version nuggets. They are amazing. I made them last week.

For dessert, you could make these intricate cupcakes garnished with homemade blue rock candy, but since that’s really hard and time consuming, I would just put blue food dye in with some frosting.

To liven things up, drinks must be in order, and I highly recommend this cocktail, which I call The Blue Stuff Special. It calls for:

  • 1 shot vodka
  • ½ shot Curaco
  • a dash of lime juice

You could also serve vodka shots dyed blue in test tubes.

For a non-alcoholic drink, try the Blue Hawaii, which I’m going to re-name as The Virgin Blue Stuff Special:

  • 1 packet blue-colored Kool Aid mix
  • glass of club soda
  • a few tablespoons of pineapple or orange juice

Music is just as important as alcohol, and I found this website that has almost every single song used in Breaking Bad. It’s amazing. You have to sign up with Spotify, but that’s the only stipulation here.

Now that I’ve shared some of my ideas with you, I would like to remind you to have FUN, don’t ACTUALLY do any drugs because we all know how that ends up (badly), and Tweet me your Breaking Bad predictions because I want to know what everyone thinks will happen! Hooray for Sunday!

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