How to Survive Grad School

It’s been a while, my little pufflings.

Sorry about that, but you know, school and life.

I conducted a poll via my Tumblr a couple of weeks ago and this is what y’all wanted to know: how to survive grad school. I’m here to tell you, but first a little background on myself.

I am a graduate student studying business, also known as an MBA. Yes, my background is in science (Chemistry), but after graduation I was like, “F-that, I don’t want to be touching toxic chemicals my whole life and be cooped up in a lab.” So I got to thinking, and decided that business was the way to go. Somehow, I would combine my background in science with business in a way that would make me filthy rich. There is no shame in wanting to make piles of money, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise (as long you’re not making said money in some immoral way).

I applied to graduate school and, lo’ and behold, I got in! Woohoo! (The application process was an ordeal in itself, let me tell you).

What’s graduate school really like? A lot of work. There is always something to do. You thought you were working hard in undergraduate? Nope, you weren’t. Grad school is a different beast. In my field, especially, everything is detail oriented (it’s probably a good thing that I’m a Virgo, you know, being all analytical and stuff). I’m working really hard all the time and it kind of sucks sometimes.

Actually, it sucks a lot of the time.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This light, my friends, is my future. It is a bright future indeed. Grad school is going to take over your life, but there is no greater investment than an investment made on yourself. Guess what? Education is a pretty great investment on yourself (minus all the student loans). The debt sucks, but one day you’re going to pay it back and you’re going to be free again.

Grad school is all about the future. Just think about it this way: you’re building a better future for yourself and that’s all that matters. Sure, it’s going to suck for a little while, but like all things in life, it is only temporary. Remember that.

Also, it’s not all bad. I’ve made some amazing friends in my time in school. I’ve had more fun in these past six months than I had in all of undergrad. This is the time to build lifelong friendships and network. By going to grad school, you’re already ahead of the curve. I suggest making friendsies with all the people that you’re in grad school with. Like you, one day they’re going to be running stuff (Who run the world? Girls!) and you want to have that connection.

Graduate school is a unique time in your life. This is something that you’re never going to experience again and, trust me, it will pay off. Have fun. I’ve found that taking snacks to study sessions really helps. Most importantly, always remember that this is an investment in yourself (since you’re awesome, then it follows that grad school is also an awesome investment).

Pro-tip: time management is hella’ important. Get a planner and get yo’ self organized. It makes life so much less painful.

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