Kristen Bell’s stylist tells us how to get her iconic blunt bob

When it comes to bobs, celebrity stylist Jenny Cho is all about eliminating the term “mom bob” from our vocabulary. Instead, she wants the bob to bring to mind the bold, everyday girl-on-the-go who’s not afraid to take a chance on herself by making the chop. Just as mom jeans have come back in fashion, so has the ’90s-inspired mom bob hairstyle, and we’re so here for it.

Perhaps one of the most iconic cuts of 2019 was Kristen Bell’s razor cut blunt bob, executed by none other than Cho herself, with inspiration from Bell’s willingness to go shorter and shorter with her hair, of course.

“She came in ready to make a change,” Cho says of Bell’s decision for the sharp, sleek look.

She’s not alone. From Lucy Boynton’s ultra-short face-framing trim (another work of Cho’s) to Ashley Benson’s iconic “clavicle bob,”celebrity bobs seem to be a major hair trend of 2019, with actors and musicians rocking everything from soft, textured lobs to blunt, short, angled styles and pretty much everything in between. Curious about how you can look like a celeb and don a shorter cut, too? Cho walks us through how to get ourselves a bob just like Kristen Bell’s—or how to find the right short style suited specifically for ourselves.

Talk to your stylist.

From the way that Cho talks about our girl Kristen Bell, it’s clear the two have a close, trusting relationship, which is crucial when it comes to something as personal as your hairstyle. Since you’re going to have to live with it on a daily basis, Cho’s top tip for before you make the chop is to book a consultation with your stylist to talk about your options. This includes talking about your hair type, texture, and density, along with your face shape and lifestyle.

“A stylist will be able to tell you if you should go for a longer bob or a shorter bob [and what shape would be best for you] (in between your cheeks or under the jaw, an A-line or a square line, for example) based on a number of important factors. There’s endless possibilities for different hair and different face shapes, but not every style will work on everyone.

Consider the upkeep.

Cho explains that while a bob may be perfect for a busy mom (like herself and Bell) who doesn’t have a ton of time or energy to deal with the daily hassle of long hair, there is an element of upkeep that people often forget about.

“Lifestyle has a lot more to do with a type of bob you should get than people are aware of,” says Cho. “You typically have to get your hair cut every six to eight weeks, so keep that in mind in case you don’t have the time or budget to do so.”

Take some time to learn about your new style.

Once you’ve made the chop, there’s an adjustment period. Your shorter hairstyle may demand a totally different styling routine than your longer or more medium-length cut, but Cho says once you’ve committed to a bob, “it downsizes the amount of time you take do your hair, but you still look super put together.” Honestly, that ease is usually the motivation for making the switch to short hair in the first place.

Here’s how Cho recommends you style the new look:

1Start with shampoo and conditioner tailored to your hair.

“A good shampoo and conditioner really set the tone for the styling of a bob. It totally dictates the way it moves and carries out the style,” Cho tells us. If you have fine or medium hair, try not to choose a combo that will weigh hair down. If your hair is on the coarser side, opt for something that’s hydrating and will keep your hair looking polished and in place. It doesn’t have to be expensive, either (here are our top drugstore picks for the best shampoo and conditioner on a budget).

2Work in an all-purpose cream.

The whole point of going shorter is to minimize styling time and the number of products you need to still look elevated. That’s why Cho uses an all-purpose anti-frizz cream that smooths flyaways, adds control, and boosts shine (hello, Kristen Bell’s bob looks like glass). She prefers Suave’s affordable Anti-Frizz Cream, but Ouidad’s Featherlight Styling Cream is great for curly-haired ladies, and Shea Moisture’s Smooth and Tame Blow Out Cream also works wonders. Work one of these products into damp hair before drying for optimal, celeb-like results.


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3Blow-dry with a good paddle brush.

“Investing in a great paddle brush is always important for blow-drying a good bob,” says Cho. “You don’t have to use a round brush (which can often be difficult to get just right), you just need a quality paddle brush to work through the hair slowly as you blow-dry for a sleek look that barely takes any time.”

We personally love this slatted one from Verb that cuts down on dry time.


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Commit to the big change.

Whether you’ve just chopped off 10 inches of hair or just want to go shorter and shorter (like Bell) Cho wants to remind you to be proud of your choice.

“It’s about more than hair,” she says. “It’s about committing to a change. Just like Kristen and Lucy weren’t afraid to let go of the security blanket that often is long hair, getting a bob cut signals that you are emotionally ready for something different. By committing to a bob, you’re changing a piece of your identity and how you feel, and that’s refreshing.”

Brb, calling our stylists now.

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