This Valentine’s Day, let’s say ‘I love you’ in as many languages as we know how

Today (Valentine’s Day) is a day dedicated to celebrating love, so why does it make SO many of us feel unloved? It’s not like there isn’t enough love to go around! Love is a renewable resource. Love is powerful, universal, healing, necessary. Love is a weapon we can wield. It is our best defense against widespread anger, hatred, and misunderstanding. Love is not only romance. Love is love!

So let’s reclaim Valentine’s Day this year and make it about more than romantic dinners and flowers and chocolate hearts. Let’s use this day as an opportunity to tell people that we love them without limits, that we love them without question, that we love them just the way they are.

This Valentine’s Day let’s just say “I love you” to as many people as we can, in as many languages as we know how. I asked friends of mine from all over the world to translate this phrase for me into their native tongues and the results (below) are beautiful. Spread the love.

English: I love you just the way you are.

French: Je t’aime comme tu es.*

Chinese: 我就是愛你本來的樣子*

German: Ich liebe dich so wie du bist*

Hebrew: אני אוהבת אותך בדיוק כמו שאתה (Ani ohevet otcha bidiuk kmo she ata)*

Finnish: rakastan sinua juuri sellaisena kuin olet**

Arabic: احبك مثل ما انت*

Afrikaans: ek is verlief op jou net soos jy is*

Flemish: Kzien u graag gelijk ge zijt***

Russian: я люблю тебя таким как есть (Ya looblu tebya takeem kak yect)*

Spanish: Te amo, tal como eres*

Swedish: Jag älskar dig precis så som du är*

Japanese: ありのままの君を愛してる (Arino mamano kimi wo aishiteru)*

Turkish: Olduğun gibi seviyorum seni*

Greek: Σ’αγαπώ έτσι όπως είσαι (S’agapo etsi opos eisai)*

Tagalog: Iibigan kita kahit sino ka man*

Basque: Zaren modukoa zarelako maite zaitut*

Korean: 당신은 그대로 완벽하다 *

Indonesian: Saya cinta anda cara anda*

Norweigian Jeg elsker deg uansett hvordan du er*

Ukranian: я кохаю тебе такою, яка ти є  (Kokhayu tebe takoyu yaka ty ye)*

Hungarian: Úgy szeretlek, ahogy vagy*

Persian: من عاشق تو ام, فقط بخاطر خودت. (Man tora dost daram hamaan tur ke hasti)*

Italian: Ti amo cosi’ come sei*

*To all of my wonderful friends, thank you for the global effort!

*Lionel in Paris *Einar in Beijing *Rob in Basel *Paula in Tel Aviv *James from Cape Town *Tanya in Boston *Natalia in Chirqui *Jen in Tampere *Yuki *Soohan *Donna *Beth and Bashar *Pierce from Ankara *Elektra from Athens *Alfa in LA *Mikel from Zarautz *Jon in Singapore  *Nathan and Jonathan in Kyiv *Agnes in Budapest *Reza from Tehran *Damien from Puglia **Special thanks to Tero in Oulu ***And my overseas sister, Nathalie in Brussels. I love you all just the way you are.

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