Watch these videos and learn how to remain politically active when Congress is on recess

After a very eventful several months on Capitol Hill, Congress is officially on recess. But just because our representatives and senators aren’t spending August in Washington D.C. doesn’t mean that we should take a break from activism. Luckily, NextGen America and The Indivisible Project have teamed up to provide us with the skills we need to ensure that our voices are heard during recess.

The two social justice organizations have created a series of five videos that focus on a range of simple, practical, user-friendly tips to hold elected officials accountable.

"Thanks to months of sustained, organized constituent pressure, Trump's agenda has ground to a halt. August recess is constituents' biggest moment to demonstrate their power and make their voices heard, said Leah Greenberg, Co-Executive Director of the Indivisible Project. “These new videos build on tactics in the Indivisible Guide that nearly 6,000 grassroots groups have been using to remind their members of Congress who they work for. By following the tips in these videos, constituents can make sure their members of Congress know that, no matter where they are back home in the state or district, you're always there to hold them accountable to you.

Each video explains a specific accountability tactic we can use, and then demonstrates how to put it into action. Topics covered include how to ask tough questions at a town hall, how to organize a town hall if a legislator refuses to hold one, and how to shoot videos that will get media attention and go viral.

“Though many elected officials may be hoping for a break during August recess, there will be no break for the Americans who are suffering under Donald Trump and...[assaults] on our fundamental rights, said Tom Steyer, President and Founder of NextGen America. “Indivisible has done extraordinary work mobilizing grassroots activism. NextGen America will partner with Indivisible to provide tangible tools that can empower each constituent to effectively participate in our democracy. Our representatives ultimately report to us, the people, and there will be no recess in our movement to protect American democracy.

Check out the five videos below.

1Go Out and Do It: Making Yourself Heard Over August Recess

2Seeing is Believing: How to Shoot a Video to Advance Your Cause

3Make Your Voice Heard: How To Ask A Question At A Town Hall

4Exercise Your Rights: How To Hold A Constituents’ Town Hall And Invite Media

5A Little Help From My Friends: Ask A Neighboring Rep To #AdoptADistrict

Watch these and get involved!

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