Here’s How to Read Your Birth Chart Like a Professional Astrologer

Plus, what each planet and House mean.

While a birth chart (or natal chart) might look intimidating, it’s actually not that hard to understand it. If you’re not familiar with what we’re talking about, a birth chart is your personal celestial map to yourself. No two are the same. This is solely and completely yours—which is why it’s so personal.

So whether you’re into astrology or just curious about what your natal chart says about you, below is a complete guide on how to read your birth chart.

How to read a birth chart:

The first thing you’ll need to know is your birth day, time, year, and location. This information will help give you the “coordinates” to your birth chart. You can enter them online at for free to generate your birth chart.

How to read birth chart houses:

Once you have your birth chart, you’ll start by looking to the mid-left point of the wheel that is marked “AC.” This is your first house. Then, moving counterclockwise, you will come to your second house, third house, and so on. If you’re having issues finding the houses, the numbers for them are noted on the inside of the wheel.

What do the 12 houses of the zodiac mean?

Each house and planet located in the house takes on a particular energy. Say you have Neptune in the 7th house of partnerships, then it’s recommended that you’d look for a partner who’s spiritual. If you have Mercury in the 11th house, then that means you love to chat with your friends all day. The 12 houses explain different aspects of your life, while the planets add personality flavor.

Sometimes you’ll have a few planets in one house (if they are in the same zodiac sign, that’s called a Stellium). This means that there’s a lot of activity or emphasis in that particular area in your life. And, other times, you won’t have planets in several houses. Don’t worry! This doesn’t mean anything bad. It’s actually very common. We all have different charts—that’s what makes yours so unique.

The houses:

1st House:

Also known as the Ascendant (AC) or the rising sign, this is the house of self. It is usually the energy that others notice about you first. Also, the vibe that you put into the world.

2nd House:

This is the House of personal finances, material objects, and self-confidence.

3rd House:

The third House represents siblings, communication, local travel, and early education.

4th House

Also known as Imum Coeli (IC—this is Latin for “bottom of the sky”), this is the House of home, personal values, traditions, and family.

5th House

This is the House of children, creativity, risks, fun, casual sex and dating.

6th House

This is the House of mundane everyday activities, health, and coworkers.

7th House

Also known at the Descendent, this is the House of partnerships, contracts, and open enemies.

8th House

This is the House of sex for procreation, transformation, taxes, and debt.

9th House

This is the House of higher education, long distance travel, the law, and philosophy.

10th House

Also known as the Midheaven or Medium Coeli (MC—this is Latin for “middle sky”), this is the House of career and public standing.

11th House

This House is all about humanitarianism, friendships, groups, classes, networking, hopes, and dreams.

12th House

This is the House of clandestine matters, addiction, mental and emotional health, prison, punishment, and secrets.

how to read a birth chart

The planets:

The sun

Simply put: The sun represents your ego and will.

The moon

The moon shows you your emotional nature, memories, and relationship with your main maternal influence.


This planet has everything to do with communication, travel, news, and gossip.


The planet Venus covers everything from love to sensuality to money to social graces and food.


Our sex drive, overall energy levels, and how you assert yourself is associated on this planet.


This gaseous planet is associated with luck, expansion, mindfulness, and education.


This ringed planet has everything to do with restrictions, rules, authority, and the relationship with your main paternal influence.


As the “Great Awakener,” Uranus shakes things up to open your eyes to matters. It’s also known to be associated with innovation, technological advances, and shifts in societal norms.


Neptune is known as the planet of dreams, illusions, unconditional love, inspiration, psychic visions, and spirituality.


This is the planet of transformation and growth. On a bad day, it can bring power struggles and triangular situations.

The True or North Node of Destiny

The karma you should lean into during your present lifetime, which can be hard because it may feel unfamiliar.

The South Node of Destiny

The karma you should let go of from your past lives, which is hard to do because it feels familiar to you.

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