How to pull off a plunging neckline + thigh-high slit combo à la Kate Hudson

Last night, true to form, Kate Hudson wore a plunging neckline, slitted gown that had our eyes bugging out of our head, cartoon-style. Kate’s had a banner past few months when it comes to red carpet hits. And her latest a look, a daring Marchesa gown covered in floral appliqué she wore to the 20th Annual Hollywood Film Awards, did not disappoint.

So how does this dress still look so classy and elegant even though Hudson is showing a fair amount of skin?

After some careful analysis, we think we have this Marchesa design figured out. And for those of you who wish to try the plunging neckline/thigh-high slit combo for yourself, we’re confident that looking for the following design aspects will help you look as glamorous as Ms. Hudson.


Step 1: Go for attention-grabbing detail, like floral appliqué.

Marchesa is known for their lace and floral appliqués that add another dimension of detail to their intricate designer gowns. Although the flowers on Hudson’s dress are attracting the eye to her chest, they are actually drawing the eye away from Hudson’s exposed cleavage.


Sneaky, Marchesa. Very sneaky.

Step 2: Check that gathered skirt.

Another ~ super sneaky ~ trick that Marchesa pulled when designing this gown, is the use of a gathered skirt. The skirt gathers at the front of the dress, around Hudson’s waist, therefore drawing our gaze upward and away from the leg slit. The gathered fabric also alludes to Hudson being more covered up than she is because the excess fabric tricks us into believing that the skirt is fuller and providing more coverage.


The gathered skirt offers a more elegant silhouette and draws the eye back up to the appliqué, and the cycle of distraction begins again. Oooh shiny!

Step 3: Pick the right fabric.

To make a look more luxurious, choose a more luxurious fabric. Simple! Hudson’s gown is made with a substantial, shiny material reminiscent of velvet in the way it drapes. When trying to achieve a classy look while sporting a revealing design, opt for a darker, thicker fabric to once again, trick the eye, into believing the garment provides more coverage.


If we’ve learned anything from Kate Hudon’s Marchesa ensemble, it’s that it’s all about playing mind games with your fashion fans. Now that you have an arsenal of tips and tricks about how to draw the eye elsewhere when wearing a revealing piece of clothing, go forth and use your trickery well!

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