How exactly do you pronounce “Saoirse Ronan”? We’ve got you covered

There’s a good chance you’ve seen Lady Bird at least once by now. The film, directed by Greta Gerwig, was nominated for many awards, including a few well-deserved Oscars for best director and best screenplay. And since she nailed the role of the lead character of Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson, Saoirse Ronan has just been nominated for an Oscar. So before you go to that big awards show party, you might want to figure out how to pronounce Saoirse Ronan.

Luckily, Ronan is fully aware it’s a challenge. In fact, it was her opening bit from when she hosted Saturday Night Live late last year. While her name is beautiful, it’s often tough. Her name is Irish, and in her eyes, it’s spelled “wrong.”

"I am very Irish and I have an extremely Irish name. Some would say too Irish. It's Saoirse. It means freedom. But I've got a little problem. You see, it's spelled...well, it's spelled wrong," Ronan said during her SNL monologue. "It's a full typo."

The episode continued with cast members calling her their own renditions of her name — our favorite being Leslie Jones calling her “Cersei.”

So how do you pronounce it? It’s correctly pronounced “Sur-Shuh.”

And even though it’s a little tough, it’s definitely gaining popularity. According to Nameberry, the actress helped the name crack into the U.S. Top 1000 back in 2016, when it became the third fastest-rising name for a girl. Of course, it’s always been popular in Ireland. And probably pronounced without hesitation!

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