How to prevent annoying chest acne during a sticky, hot summer

If you’re a person with breasts who lives in a place that heats up during the summer, you might be be concerned with how to prevent chest acne when the temps hit 100 degrees. You’ve heard of bacne (those hard-to-reach, pesky pimples on your back), but we’re not sure if there’s a catchy portmanteau for the blemishes that creep into your cleavage when the sweaty weather hits. “Tit zits?” “Chimples?” Whatever they are, they’re annoying!

There are various antidotes you can try to cure your chest acne, from targeted body washes to spot treatments. However, it’s always best to tackle acne before it even manifests. So, we asked a couple of experts for their thoughts and strategies for getting a few things off your chest once and for all.

Here are five things you can do to prevent chest acne:

1Take your skin care routine below your face


Britta Plug, an NYC-based esthetician and holistic health coach, recommends using your facial care routine all the way down to your chest and boobs. Use face wash, a scrub (if the skin there is not too irritated), and a clay mask. Britta says, “Linne Botanicals makes a great clay facial wash that doubles as a clay mask. If I were having boob acne, that’s what I would use to calm, draw out impurities, and heal.”

2Wear moisture-wicking workout clothing


Dr. Whitney Bowe, leading NYC dermatologist and author of The Beauty of Dirty Skin: The Surprising Science of Looking and Feeling Radiant from the Inside Out, explained the cause of this affliction. “Chest acne is multifactorial. I often see flares during the summer or in patients who start an exercise program. If you’re not wearing the right moisture-wicking, lightweight fabric, the sweat combined with friction can lead to exacerbation of chest acne.” Post-workout, make sure to remove your sweaty sports bra or shirt as soon as possible.

3Get your acids on


Dr. Bowe’s tips include a twice-a-week ritual of cleansing pads that are pre-soaked with glycolic or salicylic acid and a gentle, over-the-counter retinol cream or serum. A vitamin C serum every morning is also helpful. Avoid buff puffs and harsh loofahs while washing, as they do more harm than good to delicate skin.

4What you eat can make a difference


Dr. Bowe recommends taking both an inside and outside approach, and her internal advice is all about eating right. “Swap out whey protein powder for plant-based protein powder,” she says. “Try to dial down high glycemic index foods like bagels, chips, cereal, and ice cream, and instead opt for low glycemic index, skin-friendly foods like spinach, kale, broccoli, organic chicken, pasture raised eggs, avocados, nuts, and wild salmon.” Dr. Bowe’s patients who swap from skim milk to almond milk often see an improvement in their chest acne.

5Make sure to get rest


Lastly, Dr. Bowe gave the all-around good health advice to rest up. “Get your beauty sleep!” she presses. “At least seven hours a night. Doctor’s orders.”

Here’s to a clear cleavage this summer!

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