How to Parent Your Child Based on their Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

Raising children can be less challenging when you pinpoint personality traits based on their star sign.

Raising children is challenging. Ask any mom or dad, and they’ll tell you to use every tool in your arsenal — even if it’s otherworldly. Believe it or not, the date and time your child was born (aka their zodiac sign) can tell you a lot about them — and how to parent them.

According to a 2017 Pew Research poll, astrology is in an upswing it hasn’t seen since the 1970s, and 30 percent of people believe in its magical powers.

And they aren’t hippies or kooks — mainstream Americans are looking to their sun, moon, and rising signs for life guidance. Whether you’re dealing with a super picky eater, a short attention span, or just an overly complex offspring, the best advice is written in the stars — literally.

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We turned to astrologer and author of Star Child: Joyful Parenting through Astrology, Briana Saussy, to break down how to best parent your child based on their zodiac sign.

“Astrology can provide a counterpoint — even a point of resistance — to some of our most entrenched habits of thinking, in this case, about how children should or should not behave,” explains Saussy. “With astrology, we can instead turn to the child themselves and make an effort to see them as they are, and not as culture, their parents, or school guidance counselors would have them be.”

With that in mind, here are the 12 signs of the zodiac and Saussy’s tips on how to parent each child by their astrology sign.

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Aries Child (March 20-April 19)

The Aries child is bright, enthusiastic, and fun, says Saussy. These personality traits mean the Aries child loves to be first, take risks, and never shies away from a dare. “It also means that if the Aries child is having a bad day, not feeling well, stressed out or tired, they can become demanding, rude, impatient, and aggressive,” she says.

To best connect with your Aries child based on their zodiac sign, “participate in whatever they are up to at the moment,” advises Saussy, “words are not their strength, but physicality is so hugging them, pick them up and swing them, tousle their hair and give them a piggyback ride.”

Taurus Child (April 19-May 20)

The lovable sign of the bull’s gifts includes patience, strength, focus, and endurance, states Saussy. “You may suspect that when they are not engaged in feats of strength on the playground, they are considering what stocks to invest in or what their 401K might look like — and you might not be wrong!” she exclaims.

Saussy advises connecting through tactile touch and sensation to build better trust with them. “Visual art, making things together (even cooking a meal together), and physical snuggling are all ways a Taurus child can feel more connected with their caregivers.”

Gemini Child (May 20-June 20)

The sign of the twins (with their dueling personalities) is bright and charming, cynical and fussy, friendly and engaging, and shy and retiring. Can one child be all of these things? Saussy says yes.

“When it comes to an understanding of the core personality of a Gemini child, the only constant is change,” she explains. “As we know, connecting is one of their stronger suits, so all we need to do is show up and pay attention. Read books, tell them stories, imagine with them, and trade ideas.”

Cancer Child (June 20-July 22)

When you think of a young child lost in a daydream one moment, then off to do something artistic and creative the next, chances are, you are thinking of a Cancer, muses Saussy.

“There is something otherworldly about them but, simultaneously, deeply pragmatic,” she explains. “Even Cancer children who grew up in extremely adverse conditions find ways of coping and sheltering themselves that make them quite sophisticated and tough.”

“Art, music, imagination, and dream-sharing are vital ways to connect with the Cancer child,” advises Saussy. “As the most family-centered of all the signs, simply having dedicated family time can make them feel safe, protected, and loved.”

Leo Child (July 22-August 22)

Wherever there is a Leo child, people around them feel “richer, happier, and more blessed,” states Saussy. “They love jokes, laughter, and thrilling adventures, and they love to play.”

However, another side emerges when the Leo child doesn’t get their way. “He/she can become quickly sullen, pouty, and angry, and make unreasonable demands that they know are unreasonable, and will behave selfishly, even with their closest friends,” explains Saussy.

When dealing with a Leo progeny, actions speak louder than words. “Going to shows or performances, making art with them, or even rocking out on musical instruments are all great ways of connecting.”

Virgo Child (August 22-September 22)

Virgo children are the Benjamin Button’s of the zodiac world, seeming to emerge from the womb fully matured. “But despite their mature mannerisms and attributes, these children are still children and should not be forced to ‘adult’ too early in their lives,” advises the astrologer.

The Virgo child loves to connect through “daily work and routine or through an activity like shopping or gardening,” says Saussy. Therefore, keeping them busy is vital. “They cannot stand to be idle.”

Libra Child (September 22-October 22)

As cardinal air signs, Libra children have no problem taking charge — but because one of their most important values is fairness, they try to share both responsibilities and accolades with others.

“Libra strikes a middle ground between being talkative and friendly and quiet and thoughtful,” shares Saussy. “They are charming, easily influence people, and have many allies.”

The best way to connect with this child is to “be fully present with them, and exchange ideas, words, and stories,” suggests Saussy. “This kind of connection energizes them.”

Scorpio Child (October 22-November 21)

The Scorpio child is easy to spot among the crowd, says Saussy, because they are “comfortable with the uncomfortable and difficult aspects of life.”

Translation? “These children may or may not have had traumatic upbringings, but they recognize the roles that pain and suffering play in human life. Scorpio brings intensity to everything they do that sets them apart from the others.”

With such a fiery personality, parenting this powerhouse can be challenging. “The best way to connect is not to be afraid of their intensity,” explains Saussy. “Don’t try to water it down, sugarcoat the truth, or pretend you cannot hear their thorny, difficult questions.”

Sagittarius Child (November 21-December 21)

The Sag child is a magnet for luck and good fortune. “They seem to enter a room and occupy all its space.”

With a personality that genuinely is larger-than-life, “these children value adventures in wisdom and spiritual matters above all else, and they need people in their lives who understand and support that,” attests Saussy.

Connect with this child through engaging activities, outdoorsy ones, or learning about new cultures and places. “Ideally, the activity has built-in pauses for idea sharing and thoughtful conversation, as these elements make Sagittarius children feel seen and valued,” she adds.

Capricorn Child (December 21-January 19)

Capricorn children are exceptionally grounded and able to navigate deep thoughts, says Saussy. “There is an innate maturity about them that makes them feel older and more aware than everyone else.”

They also know what they want and aren’t afraid to say it. “Their dedication to achieving a goal is often a source of inspiration, not just to children but also the adults around them.”

Capricorns are the most gifted of all the zodiac signs in strategic thinking, so avoid the pitfall of trying to outsmart them. “These children have an eye for how they appear to others and are excellent at scrutinizing how others appear, including noting what is off and what is not off,” says Saussy.

Let them know that your love is there for them unconditionally. “They don’t need to do anything to ‘deserve’ this love; it is just there for them,” says Saussy. “These children also thrive through physical touch.”

Aquarius Child (January 19-February 18)

Aquarius is what Saussy describes as the “punk rocker” and “misfit” of the zodiac. “They are weird and lovable exactly because of their weirdness, and they are rebels.”

Rebellion is a quality in children that can be difficult to navigate for parents. “These kids may be shy and awkward or put-together and self-confident, but the common denominator is that they are fundamentally unable to do what they are told.”

With that in mind, their inherent aloofness and inability to know what to say or do to make themselves likable and approachable present additional challenges.

“They can feel completely misunderstood,” says Saussy. “Hanging with them in their homemade lab, talking with them while they lay down a sick drum track for their bespoke album, or going with them to protest war or volunteer at a food bank is the best way to connect with these brilliant souls. They come alive when serving others or working toward a common good.”

Pisces Child (February 18-March 20)

These sensitive souls need an extra tender touch. “Though people may say the right words and do the right actions, the Pisces child sees something different: pollution, suffering animals, air that is not fit to breathe, and kind words and actions that sometimes mask something cruel,” explains Saussy.

Like Aquarius, this zodiac sign often feels alone and misunderstood. “Although they have the reputation of being cold fish, they are deeply loving, thoughtful, and feeling souls who like nothing more than curling up with their loved ones at the end of the day.”

You can connect with your Pisces child through art, music, or something spiritual, like attending a church, temple, or mosque service.

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