These are the top 10 most common “how to” searches on Google, and some are downright perplexing

People turn to Google for, well, everything. Google started to notice that people are mostly searching for answers on how to “do” something.

“‘How to…’ searches have increased by more than 140% since 2004, and much of that search interest is directed towards how to ‘fix’ things — whether it’s a lightbulb, window, washing machine, or even the toilet. In fact, ‘How to fix…’ is consistently near the top of the list of most common queries, year after year, around the world,” says Simon Rogers, a data editor at Google.

But what is most interesting, is what people are searching for.

Since 2004, these are the most commonly searched “how to…” queries around the world.

1. How to tie a tie
2. How to kiss
3. How to get pregnant
4. How to lose weight
5. How to draw
6. How to make money
7. How to make pancakes
8. How to write a cover letter
9. How to make french toast
10. How to lose belly fat

We find it so endearing that people don’t know how to make both pancakes AND french toast. Apparently, breakfast is really hard. We also love “how to kiss,” but we aren’t sure what a Google search would do for you? (Turns out it will take you to a three part wikiHow series on “How to kiss a boy.” Charming.)

This top-10 list was animated by award-winning designer Xaquín G.V. in a very cool interactive visual, which you can view here. 

What are you commonly searching for, because for us, it’s always “how to cook salmon.” It’s so easy, yet so complicated!

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