5 Ways I Infused Good Vibes Into My Living Space

From practical crystal pieces, to Feng Shui-inspired items and happy plants, you'll want these positive pieces.

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It may be a foreign notion for some to burn sage (a.k.a “clear” a space of negative energy), place crystals throughout your home, or utilize the principles of Feng Shui. While some of these are ancient practices, even though they’ve been brought into modern times, they aren’t always considered to be mainstream.

Crystals alone can be overwhelming. When strategically placed, some may help protect your home from bad vibes, help you sleep better, and even have a more positive outlook on life. But, there’s more than 4,000 to choose from, and learning how to properly use them can be a daunting process.

Celebrities including Adele, Katy Perry, Jenna Dewan, Gisele Bündchen, and Gwyneth Paltrow have long touted the use of the mystical rocks in and around their homes, so there’s definitely something to it.

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That said, it’s never a bad thing to try and infuse more good vibes into your living space. I’m a busy mom with four young kids. While it’s not likely I’ll be sage-ing daily, or spending the time to get schooled on crystals, I do try to set positive intentions wherever and whenever I can.

We can ease you into some of the aforementioned concepts, if they’re something you’d never considered before. From placements of plants, to practical purchases using crystals, and sage candles you can burn around your home, there are quick and easy ways you can get more positivity into your pad, like I did.

Here are five items that’ll boost happiness and infuse good vibes into your living space.

Crystal coasters

geode coasters
Amanda’s Artful Designs

There are enough different types of crystals with various meanings to make your head spin. Plus, you have to know where to put them and oftentimes, they just take up space. Simplify it by adding some crystal decor, so you get the same good vibes, with a dose of practicality.

We’re loving these geode coasters from Amanda’s Artful Designs which help protect your home from negative energy — and your furniture from cup rings!

Price: $28 at Etsy.com

Creative QT candles

sage candles
Creative QT

Burning sage to “clear” or “smudge” a space of negative energy dates back to prehistoric times. Made from natural soy wax, scented with essential oils, and featuring blank labels to fill in your own intentions, Magnificent101 sage candles from Creative QT provide the same experience, without the smoke.

Love, light, and positive energy go into every candle, and they’re designed to help you cancel subconscious limiting beliefs and overwrite them with powerful affirmations that address your heart’s desires.

Price: $8.99 and up at CreativeQT.com

Growing Joy with plants

growing joy
Maria Failla

Studies have shown that having plants around your home can boost happiness and mood by up to 15 percent. Author Maria Failla explains how to do just that in this handy guide. In Growing Joy, Failla outlines 60 plant-based and plant-inspired practices to help you create connected moments with nature and yourself.

Price: $21.99 at GrowingJoyWithMaria.com

Lotus Flower art

lotus art

The Lotus Flower is considered to be a symbol of spiritual discipline, perfection and faith — and even a bearer of good health. Hanging lotus-inspired art — like this Buddha Lotus canvas print — in your home is the perfect way to get yourself into the mindset that better days are to come.

Price: $89.99 at iCanvas.com

Feng Shui elephant

amazon elephant

You may not have the time to study the ancient art of Feng Shui and apply it to the furniture and items in your home, but you can get the same luck, power, wisdom, strength and protection from this golden Feng Shui elephant.

Trunks up facing elephants represent symbol of good luck for peace and prosperity, and this one is the perfect accent to bring all that and more, into your home.

Price: $29.99 at Amazon.com 

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