How To Get Moon Goddess Nails!

Is it just me, or am I livin’ in a total ’90s beauty dream right now? I mean, not only am I taking massive beauty inspiration from the fearless Gwen Stefani – especially the bleached blonde, red lipped Tragic Kingdom era) – but an old ’90s favorite Sailor Moon has totally got me by my makeup brushes too!

For those of you that may not know, Sailor Moon was a short-lived animated TV show which centered around a clumsy 14-year-old girl who discovers that she has magical powers and works alongside her friends to fight the forces of evil. With adorable anime style and cute outfit changes (“Moon Prism Power”, anyone?), it’s easy to understand why you’d want to bite into moon goddess style, right?

For flawless, moon-goddess approved nails, check out my favorite beauty crushes below:

1. Rainbow Light Certified Organics Women’s Multivitamin ($37.99,

Long, enviable nails always start with the right vitamins and minerals, so to grow out your claws nice and long, choose a trusty multivitamin for the best results. Using skin- and nail-loving ingredients like American Ginseng, beets and green tea, you can take two of these babies for glowing skin (buh-bye, glow powder) and lovely, elongated nails.

 2. thinkThin Protein Bars ($1.99 for one bar,

Protein gives your nails a necessary boost, and for a protein-packed snack, munch on these yummy high-protein bars.  My personal favorite, you ask? Got to be chocolate espresso, of course!

 3. NCLA Nail Wraps in Orbit Ring ($16,

Sailor Moon and her Sailor Scouts buds always sported the prettiest, most-colorful nails, so this summer, don your brightest and boldest mani easily with these fun nail wraps. Designed by celebrity nail stylists Jenna Hipp, Steph Stone and Madeline Poole, grab your best topcoat and nail art away darlings!

4. LUSH Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter ($16.95,

To keep our nails in great shape, it’s important to care for our cuticles, as well. If dry and cracked cuticles have got you down, fall in love with this lemony cuticle butter, which works to nourish our parched nails and cuticles by using hydrating avocado oil and beeswax for maximum moisturization.

5. L’Oreal Paris Colourfoil Riche Nail Lingerie ($8.95,

Need more dazzling nail candy? Jazz up your manicure with these 3D nail stickers perfect for any kind of occasion.

 6. NARS Space Odyssey Nail Polish ($19,

Shimmering metallics are always outta this world, and in order to steal that cosmic look, try this chip resistant, trendy color.

Okay, so I wanna know: how do you get moon goddess nails? Also, leave me a comment telling me who your favorite Sailor Scout was?

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