How To Get DUH-MAZING Rapunzel Hair!

Sleeping Beauty might have a tight fairy girl posse, and sure, Jasmine has racks on racks on racks, but let’s cut the ish. No Disney vixen has GORGE hair like Rapunzel. Sure, the gal’s got some serious mommy issues and maybe boy-toy Flynn isn’t exactly Prince Charming, but hey! I’d seriously kill Tinkerbell (you’re welcome, Wendy!) in a heartbeat to look Rapunzel-hair-hawt.

So… if you’re anything like this Disney bonafide babe, chances are you’re gonna want to know how to “See the Light” (yep, cue a Google search for this Tangled song, kids) when it comes to getting your hair did, R-Punzel-style. Have no fear, Gigglers. From round brushes to one bad-ass hair mask, I’ve got you covered, Rapunzel wannabees.

Keratin Complex Ionic Round Brush ($30,

Kittens! Let me tell you, fairytale hair always starts with a brush. Like, duh! In every Disney Princess movie known to man, those girls are always using them brushes. Don’t ya remember how Jasmine brushed her locks right before she met Aladdin, or when Ariel delicately combed through her tresses while thinking about Eric? Le sigh…you get where this is going?

Keep those locks princess purdy with the Keratin Complex Ionic Round Brush (aka my favorite blowout brush ever)! Sure, paddle brushes are great, but when you want to create voluminous blowouts and sexy curls, don’t be afraid to let your hair down with this must-have beauty tool.

Colorproof Clear It Up Detox Shampoo ($29.95,

Number two on your fabu Rapunzel hair checklist? That would be one heavy-duty shampoo, gorgeous! Gross buildup can be just as bad as Mother Gothel sometimes – especially when you use styling products like a beauty blogging junkie. Yikes! To fight back the grimy greasies, treat your hair with this detox shampoo that even chicks like Rapunzel can get behind. Hey! Maybe you can even get the Flynn in your life to use it, too.

Original Mineral Seven Day Miracle ($31.95,

Okay… no one can say they’re able to use their hair as rope and brag about it. Seriously, we’re talking major breakage here! With this visual in mind, it’s obvious that our girl R-Punzel totally knows a thing or two about strong hair. For lush and healthy locks, be sure to scratch down a fabulicious hair mask for step three on your beauty cheat sheets. Now, if you are looking for one kick ass hair mask, oh my goddess this has to be the most MAHVELOUS one I’ve ever used. Trust me, after you coat your locks with this Macadamia and Argan oil rich formula, I double dog dare you to comment below on how totally tubular it is. Yuppers, it’s that awesome!

Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum Miracle Filler Treatment ($24,

Sorry Marilyn, we can’t all be a natural blonde bombshells. That’s why it’s important for us bottled blondies to protect our brassy-prone color whenever possible. Keep your ‘goldilocks’ blonder and stronger with this leave-in treatment (ahem! step five) I can’t stop obsessing over. Yes, the bottle is half-empty already, I love it that much. So next time your bleached out strands start going brassy faster than you can say Rita Ora, who ya gonna call, Gigglers?

It Factor Simply It Quick Blowdry Smoothing Lotion ($21.50,

I feel you, lazy girls. Blowdrying takes way too much time! But if you insist on heat styling those tresses, cut drying time in half with this smoothing lotion that even mermaid maven Ariel would go gaga over. Inside this cutie patootie pink bottle of goodness comes an amazing smelling lotion, helping you achieve ultra flowy, ooohh and ahhh-worthy hair. Hello, Frizzies? Yeah, it’s time to start packing.

Love Amika Le Twist ($19.95,

Honey buns, there is nothing wrong with a faux hair piece every now and then. Especially when it’s a gorge Amika fake braid finishing your “Tangled”-worthy ‘do in no time. Slip on this wraparound piece to dress up your casual styles. Watch out, Belle! You got serious competition now!

France Luxe ½ Ultracomfort Headband-Ditsy Dot ($20,

Hey, you girls! I told you before that a good headband hides everything you don’t want seen (yup, I’m looking at you, yucky poo poo roots), so why not finish the entire look with one of these perky headbands that are totally Rapunzel approved?

*Images Courtesy of:, Colorproof, Original Mineral, Pureology, It Factor, Amika and France Luxe

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