How to Fight Cavities By Brushing Your Teeth With Chocolate

Are you ready for some football? Or are the commercials more your jam? Perhaps the halftime show? If it’s none of the above, spend some time brushing up on your random trivia! That way, you can at least impress people at the Super Bowl party your family/BFF/roommate/girlfriend/boyfriend forces you to attend.

Still looking for more small talk fodder? Take notes on another round of “The Week In WHAT?!

With Toothpaste and a Cherry on Top?

Chocoholics, get ready for a game changer. Procter and Gamble, the maker of Crest, is releasing a new line of toothpaste that will feature a flavor known as Mint Chocolate Trek. The goal is to provide consumers with “an unexpected experience through flavors that offer personal expression,” according to the P&G marketing department. Although, if the idea of mixing dessert with your daily hygiene regimen doesn’t tickle your fancy, then your experience might be rather expected. Other flavors from the “Be” toothpaste include Vanilla Mint Spark and Lime Spearmint Zest. Sweet!

Key of F, Please!

Talk about hitting an unfortunate note! An opera singer recently filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government because she is unable to work due to excessive farting and incontinence. She received an episiotomy while in labor at Fort Campbell’s Blanchfield Army Community Hospital last February and never fully recovered. “She is suffering though a very embarrassing and very significant injury,” her attorney says in regards to the $2.5 million dollars she’s seeking in damages. Probably not helping her discomfort? All the publicity that comes with such a big case.

Not Snow Tropical

Less than three inches of snow caused gridlock in Atlanta earlier this week as snow isn’t something the city frequently encounters. So, imagine what it would be like getting stranded for two days in a snowstorm on the island of Hawaii. That’s what happened to a New Yorker hiking along Mauna Loa mountain. After reaching the peak, he began his descent, but was stopped in his tracks by whiteout snow conditions. Upon spotting the man’s car still parked at the start of the trail, Rangers sent out a helicopter search team to recover him. Oddly enough, the frigid New York temperatures may have been an easier match than this unanticipated Hawaiian punch!

Ain’t No Thing But a Chicken Wing

While Broncos and Seahawks fans spent the past two weeks getting revved up for Super Bowl XLVIII, the competitive eating community set its sights on Wing Bowl XXII at the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia. Who took home the title this year? (SPOILER ALERT) It was none other than Molly “the 120-pound mother from Nebraska” Schuyler. She surpassed the previous all-time record of 337 wings, devouring 363 of them in just 30 minutes! Could she be on her way to South Korean stardom?

And there you have this week in “WHAT?!” Can’t wait to see what’s in store for humanity next!

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