How to fight back-to-school breakouts

The back-to-school grind in upon us in full effect, and I’m sure I’m not speaking only for myself when I say that the stress is already unreal. Unfortunately, stress leads to hormone imbalance, and hormone imbalance leads to unwanted breakouts. Some people are blessed with skin that just doesn’t breakout, but, for those on the other end of the spectrum, here are some products that you can try out to help get rid of (and even prevent) breakouts!

EcoTools Konjac Pure Complexion Facial Sponge, Deep Cleansing: When you first take the sponge out of the package, you’re probably going to ask yourself: “Why did they put a rock in this box?” It softens, I promise. This sponge provides a gentle cleanse and exfoliation which makes it perfect for twice-a-day use.

St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub: This scrub pairs perfectly with the EcoTools sponge. Together the two products create a perfect exfoliation — rough enough to remove dead skin and clean the pores, yet gentle enough to leave your skin baby smooth all while preventing future breakouts.

Biore Blemish Treating Astringent: Using this product will attack the current breakout, and work to prevent any breakouts to come. Even though the the word ‘astringent’ doesn’t have too gentle of a connotation, this product, along with the previous three, is gentle enough for daily use. Just make sure to follow the directions listed in order to best use the product in accordance to your skin type.

Pierre F Probiotic Daily Moisturizer: This lightweight and oil-free moisturizer helps fight skin dehydration through the use of probiotics, lemon and cucumber. You can use this product daily, morning and night, and it is 100% free of parabens and sulfates.

Breakouts are still bound to happen, even when we try our best to practice good skincare and combat them. Stress, hormones and your natural body chemistry all contribute to how likely you are to breakout. Just remember, it’s important to keep your face clean and, even though your instinct might be to cover up breakouts with makeup, that will only clog your pores more and make the problem worse.

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