How To: Fancy Kleenex Box Cover

Don’t get me wrong. I really appreciate that Kleenex and Puff have taken to putting designs on their Kleenex boxes. The issue I have is that said design just dosen’t fit with my decor. So with guests coming to town, I set out to wrap all my tissue boxes and make them even more appealing. A Tissue box cover is about $2.00 from Michael’s, you can embellish this box however you like, I chose to wrap mine in Burst paper as my bathroom has a color pallet of white, blue and sea foam green. For the guest rooms they have more earthy tones: browns, light reds, tans. For the guest rooms I opted to wrapped the tissue shells in Citation and Arbor to keep with my color scheme. Make your tissue box a part of your home’s aesthetic. We all use tissues, lets just do so more stylishly.

What you need:

  • Kleenex box shell
  • Wrapped paper or embellishments of your choosing
  • Spray adhesive or hot glue to secure your decorations
  • Scissors or box cutter to cut out shapes
  • Measuring tape to accurately draw your cut out design

Step 1: Create your pattern.

Measure your Kleenex shell; draw a “cross” shape (5 squares) that will become your covering for the shell, draw according to the measurements of the shell.

Step 2: Cut out pattern and spray Kleenex shell.

Spray shell and begin to fold in sides of paper.

Step 3: Fold over corners and fold under extra paper, securing with double stick tape or more adhesive

Step 4: Cut out top so Kleenex can easily be dispensed

Finished! Place cover over Kleenex.