How to do skull makeup for Halloween: it’s classic, terrifying, and a little bit cute

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to spend much on a costume but still wants to give Halloween 110%, get ready to send us some MAJOR heart eyes, because we scoured ~the net~ for the best and most creative skull makeup looks for Halloween. We love face paint for the creepy holiday season because it’s so much fun, and really transforms your look. Plus, you can wear your usual all black look and still be good to go! No need for a costume no one is going to get, anyway. From super vivid looks to half skulls to total skull takeovers, we’re so here for every single one of these, and can’t wait to take rad AF selfies with the squad.

Here’s some of our favorite skull makeup looks, and remember to tag us in any selfies so we can cheer you on with a yes, lady! 

1. This classic skull makeup

An ah-mazing intro to Halloween makeup, and such a killer (har har) result!

2. This super creepy look

For when you don’t want to mess up your flawless eye makeup, but want to get a little Halloween-y.

3. This ~colorful~ skull

Just because you want to be a skull doesn’t mean you want to give up your devotion to all things colorful!

4. This minimal tutorial

For when you don’t have too much to work with, but still want to commit!

5. This melting skull

This is what dreams (and nightmares) are made of. Like, seriously, guys, we love this so much!

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