How to do ‘Big Eyes’ makeup for Halloween because dolls are delightfully creepy

We all know that dolls have that innate mix of creepy and beautiful, but there’s something about dolls with big eyes that really seal the deal. If you saw Tim Burton’s 2004 movie, Big Eyes, you already know that many variations of the “big eyed” dolls (or children) that we see in paintings were brought to us by an unsung hero, Margaret Keane, whose husband basically took credit for her huge collection of art, almost of all of which included these endearing yet haunting sad kids.

Of course, “big eyes” in general are popular with dolls because in our culture, they tend to suggest innocence, surprise, and even fear. All of which are super Halloween appropriate! Most of the “big eyes” tutorials require your standard fare for makeup, making this a simple and cost effective costume. Pair it with a “doll” like dress and you’re all set!

Creepy Doll Makeup Tutorial

Ready to go full creepy for Halloween with just your eyeliner and some pigtails? Search no more, this tutorial has you covered!

Haunted Doll Makeup Tutorial

Want to look like a possessed doll that just crept down from the attic? We have you covered (eerie music not included)!

Creepiest Doll Makeup Tutorial

Want to make your friend’s worst nightmares come true? Perfect this look and then lurk in a closet — and be prepared to record some screams!

Wooden Doll Makeup Tutorial

Is there anything creepier than those wooden dolls your grandparents kept around? We think not. Turn yourself into a real-life wooden doll and prepare to see people shudder!

Cracked Doll Makeup Tutorial

Just kidding: Is there anything creepier than a doll with a cracked face?! Nope. Turn yourself into one for this Halloween and send out the scariest Snapchats ever.

Have a happy and safe Halloween, everyone!