Here’s how to create a zombie makeup look for all of your goth and glam needs

With zombies being a trendy monster right now (The Walking Dead and iZombie are still going strong), it was only a matter of time before our beauty editor, Marie Lodi, transformed into an ultra-glam zombie for Halloween.

And you’re probably thinking “a glam zombie? The horror!” However, makeup artist Abigail Navarro knows a thing or two about special effects makeup and her version of a ruffed up, yet stylish zombie is one that will have you swapping out your costume for something that speaks to your goth *and* glam soul.

Even though Halloween is already here, that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate this look for any nighttime festivities or for future themed parties — we’re talking Walking Dead watch parties. No matter the occasion, there’s bound to be an opportunity to channel your inner zombie (Who knows? It just might be your Monday morning lewk next week).

Without further adieu, here’s how to create a glam zombie makeup look for all of your spooky needs.


Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Step 1: Apply eyeshadow in your under-eye area to create a hollow effect


Before applying eyeshadow, you’ll want to prep your skin with moisturizer and primer to keep this *lewk* from moving — looking like a zombie is a lot of work! Once you’re done applying foundation and a setting powder, you’ll want to get right into the eye makeup.

To start, dust on light brown eyeshadow around your eyes — this will create a sunken eye illusion. Keep adding in eyeshadow until you reach your desired “I just woke up from my grave” look. After, you’ll want to add a black shade to the outer corners of your eyes, followed by a red color. Keep blending until your hands bleed (jk, it’s not supposed to be that intense, but do blend it all out!).


While it’s not necessary to add false lashes for this tutorial, you could always pop them right in for some pizzazz. Makeup artist Abigail applied some *dramatique* lashes.

Step 2: Apply liquid latex and fake blood around the cheek area


To give off the vibe that you’ve come back from the grave to eat brains (you know how zombies do), you’ll want to apply liquid latex around your cheeks (this is special effects makeup) and any other areas your heart desires. This will help the fake blood and makeup stay in place.


After, apply fake red blood on the liquid latex and blend it in. This should look messy, almost as if they are scabs or open wounds.

Step 4: Add fake blood onto the desired areas of your face


Time for some fun! Add in fake blood around your mouth, eyes, and in any other areas you’d like to scare some peeps. It’s okay if it runs down, in fact, it will look better.

Step 5: Finish it off with a dramatic cat-eye and red lipstick


Finish the lewk with some dramatic winged eyeliner. Since we’re going for the glam factor, make the cat-eye long and sharp enough to cut someone. Next, apply your favorite red lipstick. We added in white-colored contacts as an extra touch, but you don’t need to do this either.

Time to get your Dawn of the Dead on, all Halloween long.


If you plan on recreating this lewk, check out The Pretty’s full tutorial, here and follow makeup artist Abigail Navarro for more beauty inspiration.

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