How to Celebrate the Summer Solstice, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

It's time to take action, thanks to Cancer season.

Whip out your bathing suit and pack up your suitcase, because the summer season is just around the corner, with the summer solstice occurring on June 20th. This is the time when you can chill outdoors, enjoy long sunny days, and pick up new hobbies to pass the time. But if you’re unsure of exactly how to celebrate the summer solstice this year, let the stars tell you based on your zodiac sign.

According to our resident astrologer Lisa Stardust, the summer solstice is not only the longest day of the year, but it’s also the start of Cancer season. During this time, you can expect “emotions heightened, as well as the desire to connect with other people,” Stardust tells HelloGiggles. “Also, we’ll be protective of our privacy and energy.” As for the beginning of Cancer season, that means “everyone will want to take action and embrace their intuition,” she explains. “With that comes a super intense magical energy.”

So if you’re ready to make moves, below is what Stardusts suggests for you to do during the summer solstice. Remember to enjoy and have fun because summer will be over before you know it!


It’s time to chill out, Aries. You deserve some much needed rest now that summer is almost here. Stardust says you’ll be relishing the home life, so it’s time to connect with your family and friends and leave work and other responsibilities at the door.


Have you been gossiping lately, Taurus? Stardust suggests stopping this habit in its tracks by meditating on your new desires for the season. This practice will help you attract a new life if you set your intentions right.


Remember when you couldn’t see your friends last year? Now’s the perfect time to organize a neighborhood BBQ or feast, says Stardust. And since Mercury is retrograde in your sign, Stardust suggests reconnecting with old friends, too.

how to celebrate summer solstice zodiac sign


Look at you, Cancer—this is your solar return! Because this is your moment of reflection, Stardust suggests spending time honoring the past, present, and future.


“It’s time to connect with your spiritual side,” says Stardust. “Free yourself from the past.” So how exactly can you do this? She suggests dancing under the sun to activate your solar plexus—aka the central part of your nervous system—into letting go of old feelings.


You’ll be seeing life from a fresh perspective, Virgo, so Stardust says you may want to try out a new look this season. Why not go shopping or update your hair? Either way, new vibes will be in your corner this summer.


Since the summer solstice is about taking action, Stardust says you should “clean out your home.” This will help you to clear out the old energy and bring in the new. Plus, Stardust adds, “This will help you to manifest your goals, too.”


Have you been in your head too much this past year? Stardust says it’s time to connect with nature. “Plant flowers, veggies, or herbs in the backyard,” she suggests. “It’s time to get out of your bubble…embrace the world.”


Are you tired of how your life is unfolding, Sagittarius? Why not “make a list about what you want to change in your life?” says Stardust. This is the time to “change the way you pay off debts and deal with drama,” she adds. “It’s time to grow up!”


“It’s time for you to give more to your relationships,” says Stardust. Since the sun is moving into Cancer, you may feel more inclined to give more to your partnerships. Reconnect with your crush or S.O. to boost your longing for romance. You deserve it.  


Ready to elevate your daily routine, Aquarius? The summer solstice is calling you to freshen up your apartment and to connect with nature, says Stardust. “Take a long walk outside in nature and then rest,” she adds, so you can feel rejuvenated once again.


If your creative side has been asleep this past year, Stardust suggests you should embrace your inner artist by making some art or jewelry for the new season.