How To Celebrate National Scrabble Day

If you’re reading this and thinking “Oh boy, I wish there were more things to celebrate in April!” then you’ve come to the right place! To that I say “Celebrate Tax Day on the 15th because that is the law!” But if you are like me and have already filed your taxes then I will say “Celebrate National Scrabble Day on the 13th!”

I’m sure National Scrabble Day can get confusing and I’m sure you have questions in your head about how to celebrate properly so I have answered them below.

Who is Scrabble? 

I think you mean what is Scrabble. First, I find it hard to believe you don’t know what Scrabble is but who am I to judge? Second, Scrabble is a board game for 2-4 players who form words on a gameboard using individual tiles. You can read a ton about Scrabble here.

How did Scrabble come about?

Well, in 1938, American architect named Alfred Mosher Butts created the game as a variation of an earlier game he invented which he called Lexiko. Today Scrabble is estimated to be in one third of Americans homes.

What if I want to play Scrabble and I don’t know how?

Do not be discouraged, friend! Every Scrabble game comes with a set of directions I encourage you to read. In fact, the rules included in the USA/Canada edition have been edited four times in 1953, 1976, 1989, and 1999.

What are the tax changes for this year? 

Hmmm I think you meant to ask the IRS this question. This post is about National Scrabble Day not Tax Day, silly.

How can I become a Champion of Words?

I think that is a title you’ve made up however, there are some interesting Scrabble champions you should know about. The current champion is Nigel Richards who has impressively held the title for the past three years.

What should I do if I made a mistake on my federal return that I have already filed?

Okay I know I mentioned in the beginning of this post that you should be celebrating Tax Day but I was mostly kidding…

When should I play Scrabble?

You should play Scrabble everyday to keep your mind sharp but you should especially play today, April 13th, National Scrabble Day.

If I claim my daughter as a dependent because she is a full-time college student, can she claim herself as a dependent when she files her return?

Okay. No more of these questions.

Anyway, let’s all spend some time with people we love today and play Scrabble, or if you really can’t pull yourself away from your phone then I suppose Words with Friends will work too.

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