How to Celebrate the Autumn Equinox, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

You're being forced to find your middle ground.

The Autumn Equinox occurs on September 22nd. When the sun crosses the equator, three major things happen: the beginning of fall commences, we have equal day and night hours, and Libra season begins.

Spiritually, this is the time of finding harmony and peace within yourself. Creating balance in your life is important during the equinox, as you are being energetically forced to find a middle ground in your world to ensure you are giving equal attention to the different parts and areas of your life.

Magically, witches celebrate a Sabat holiday called Mabon. This is a Celtic, Pagan, and Wiccan holiday that honors the Sun. Mabon celebrates the cycle of the Sun’s existence—life, death, and rebirth.

The Sun, which gives us all vitality, is the most powerful energetic force in the universe. After all, it is the life source for all living things and beings on earth. Therefore, it’s essential to give the Sun some love and to show appreciation for all it gives us.

Below is your Autumn Equinox horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Finding inner balance is hard for you to do, as you always want to be the best at everything and take on projects by yourself. Learning to take time to smell the roses is key now. This will teach you to live in the present and focus on what truly matters.


A yoga class at sunrise is the best activity for you to get yourself feeling energized during the equinox. Invite a friend or two to join you while you stretch, decompress, and detox your muscles as the new season begins. They will be grateful for the invite and bonding experience.


Romance is in the air for you during the equinox. Therefore, it’s a great time for you to hop on Tinder and swipe right on cute peeps or plan a special night out with your boo. Let your hair down and enjoy the new energy coming to your love life.


Celebrating the most important celestial body of all—which happens to be your planetary ruler—will allow you to tap into your emotions and become more aware of yourself. Using the moon as a tool for self-actualization will boost your confidence and help you understand the world.


Do a seasonal activity like going apple picking or visiting a pumpkin patch. Celebrating and embracing these festivities will allow you to have a good time with your friends. Think of this as an IG-worthy way of showing off your ability to laugh and the connection with your besties.


Don’t let negative energy get you down. If anyone brings negative vibes to you, it’s your responsibility to squash them before they affect you. Keeping a “positive mind and positive life” is your motto for the months ahead. Level up the optimism in your world and maintain a good attitude.


Clear your mind and heart with mindful meditation. This will allow you to find that balance that you seek within yourself and to create harmony with others. You will find that this activity is great for helping you find the peace that will heal you in the months ahead.


Lean into the parts of yourself that you don’t understand. Embrace your darker and edgier sentiments during the equinox. Allowing yourself to engage and celebrate your shadow side will not only help you heal your past but will also give you a dose of the unconditional love that you need.


The Autumn Equinox is a great time to connect with your local community. Plan a potluck dinner outside with seasonal vegetables like sweet potatoes and carrots, along with a heavenly stew and apple pie. It’ll give your neighbors to enjoy the beautiful changing leaves with the company of each other.


The equinox is a great time to give to charity. Ask your boss if you can start a donation-based drive at the office for people who are in need of money or goods. Not only will this be super helpful for others, but you’ll feel happy to help them.


Although you are affective by nature, this is a free time for you to use your sentimental side and create a gratitude list. Write down everything that you were grateful for and honor them. This will teach you to not take anything for granted and to appreciate what you have.


The equinox is a particularly intuitively potent time for you, which means that you should maximize the energy and power of the universe and use it to your advantage. Let your emotions, heart, and gut feelings lead the way in understanding and processing all of the information that you receive.