Let Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson teach you ‘How to Be Single’

Rebel Wilson has played a bevy of kickass, empowered characters in her time. From Pitch Perfect‘s Fat Amy to Bachelorette‘s Becky, she’s set a high bar when it comes to playing complex and hilarious women — and we absolutely love her for it.

Of course, Wilson herself is a pretty incredible and impressive human in real life, too. Whether she’s designing her own fashion line or speaking major truths about body positivity, she’s definitely a woman after our own hearts. It feels like the actress can do little wrong; and if the first trailer for her new film, How to Be Single, is any indication, that’ll continue to be the case for a long time.

In the trailer, newly-single Alice (played by Dakota Johnson) gets a lesson in singledom from the master herself, her BFF Robin (Wilson). It’s obvious that Robin knows how to have a good time, and the two are seen taking NYC nightlife by the reigns. (We’re already taking notes.) As if that weren’t enough to get us excited, the film also co-stars Alison Brie and Leslie Mann — two of our absolute favorite humans of all time.

HelloGiggles is all about confident, kickass women, and this film definitely delivers. Fair warning, some of Robin’s tips are a little outdated (e.g., getting guys to buy you drinks), but nonetheless, the overall message that being single should be fun is definitely something we can get behind.

If #RelationshipGoals is a thing, why can’t #SingleGoals be a thing, too? We’d sign up for lessons from Wilson any day.

(Image via video.)

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