How Sophia Bush and #MyTrueBeauty are raising money for women all over the world

There are actresses we love, and then there are actresses we love even more when we realize how much important work they do for the world. Sophia Bush is one of those women. While she stole our hearts years ago as Brooke Davis, she’s captured our minds with her dedication to making this planet a better place.

All it takes is a quick skim of Sophia’s social media to see that she pens many of her tweets and grams as activist Sophia, sending dispatches from field work in places like Uganda and New Orleans. She also has an active role in Glamour Magazine’s education initiative The Girl Project. We caught Sophia on stage a few months back with the First Lady, and now Sophia, The Girl Project, and the natural beauty brand EcoTools are joining forces to raise money for women’s education around the world.

Their campaign, called #MyTrueBeauty is launching today (International Women’s Day) and will take place for the duration of Women’s History Month. In Sophia’s own words, “it’s a massive social campaign. Every tweet, every Instagram, that hashtags #MyTrueBeauty, EcoTools will donate $1 to the Girl Project, up to $100,000.”

And where will that money go? Toward enhancing education opportunities for women around the world. “We work with four different organizations and we raise funds to break down the barriers of secondary school education that women around the world face,” Sophia told HelloGiggles in an interview. “That could be tuition in one community, that could be mentorship access, that could be confidence building workshops that girls need to be in so they feel like school is really the worthy choice for them. Whether women need tuition, or uniforms, or text books, we’re supporting and providing all of those things.”

Glamour Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive really put into context just how much $100,000 can do. “Just $5 can buy a girl here in the United States the pencils and notebooks she needs for the semester, and just $150 can help pay for an entire year of tuition for a girl in a developing country,” Leive said in a statement.

Sophia’s enthusiasm for the project, and for giving back in general, is contagious. “I’m incredibly inspired,” she said. “We have so much information at our fingertips that it’s up to us to choose to live our best lives; to take a Saturday and volunteer; to choose products that are good for the world vs. bad; to try to eat food that is good for you instead of toxic. We have all the information and it’s up to us to use it. That’s why I get so excited to have a social conversation like this [#MyTrueBeauty initiative], because when you get a topic trending people look. And if you can inspire someone with a story, if you can motivate someone to think a little differently, a little more positively, or to make a smarter purchase the next time they buy something they were going to buy anyway, you are actually helping to create change.”

With so many girls asking how to give back this Women’s History Month, there couldn’t be anything simpler than sending out a tweet about women’s empowerment with the hashtag #MyTrueBeauty. By using your voice, you can help provide funds for women around the world who might feel like they don’t have one.

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