So THIS is how psychopaths take their coffee

You’ve met up with someone from a dating app at your local coffee spot for a first date. You order your regular — a caramel latte with milk and whipped cream. Your date orders a regular coffee — black. A red flag pops up in your mind. You think to yourself, “Wait a minute. That’s how psychopaths take their coffee.” You nervously laugh your way into a fake phone call and narrowly escape.

Let’s rewind, because you’re probably confused. Not all black coffee drinkers are psychopaths, but a new study conducted by the University of Innsbruck found that those who enjoy black coffee, as well as other bitter foods, are more likely to exhibit personality traits linked to psychopathic behavior.

The researchers who conducted the study surveyed over 1,000 adults, asking them their flavor preferences (bitter, sweet, salty, etc.). They then gave participants several personality tests revolving around antisocial behaviors like sadism, narcissism and psychopathy.

Researchers concluded that “bitter taste preferences” are commonly linked with sadism.

Sadism, if you’re not familiar with the term, is when one finds enjoyment in inflicting pain on others. So, like, yikes.

Indy100 also reports that those who like the taste of radishes, tonic water, and celery are more likely to exhibit antisocial traits.

We’re wondering if this study adds a new layer to the complex world of Twin Peaks. If all the characters drink black coffee, does this mean they are all possibly psychopathic?

Even though there’s science supporting this theory, don’t break off your current relationships with those who prefer their coffee black. Instead, use this information to better understand certain personality types.

But let us just say, we won’t judge you if your new opening question on your dating apps is, “How do you take your coffee?”

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