How to protest if Roy Moore gets elected amidst sexual misconduct allegations

Despite the number of sexual misconduct allegations against him, Roy Moore is still the Republican nominee to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions seat in the U.S. Senate for the state of Alabama. While even Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has said that Moore should back out of the special election, Republicans are getting mixed messages from higher offices. President Donald Trump defended Moore on November 21st. With the election taking place on December 12th, there are only a few weeks left before the people of Alabama decide if they want the Democrat Doug Jones or a man accused of making sexual advances on underage girls to represent them in the Senate. And if Moore does get elected to the U.S. Senate, you’re going to need an outlet for your anger.

Although Alabama is notably a red state, Politico reports that it might be a tight race, with Jones leading some polls. That news came on November 12th, after The Washington Post reported that four women alleged that Moore had made romantic or sexual advances on them when they were teenagers. (One of the women said that Moore touched her sexually when she was 14.) These alleged incidents occurred when Moore was in his 30s. Moore — who was elected twice as the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and dismissed both times for reasons unrelated to these accusations — is now 70.

Since the November 9th Washington Post article, more women have come forward to say that Moore made unwanted advances toward them that made them feel uncomfortable when they were teenagers or young women. Many of these accounts are said to have occurred at the Gadsden Mall in Alabama when Moore was in his early 30s and single.

Moore has denied all the accusations and is intent on continuing to run for Senate — not to mention, he now has the support of the president — so what can you do?

Well, if you live in Alabama, the best way to make your voice heard is to vote in the general election on December 12th, since there is a chance Moore could lose. You can volunteer for or contribute to Jones’ campaign to help strengthen his chances of defeating Moore.

You can also peacefully protest in your state. After more than 50 Alabama pastors signed a letter saying that Moore is unfit to serve, 100 people attended a rally against Moore at a Birmingham, Alabama church.

Just a few days later, over 300 faith leaders across the nation signed a letter that declared Moore should not be a Senator. Even if you aren’t religious, you could reach out to these faith leaders who signed the letter. They have a community that looks to them for guidance and by working peacefully together, you may be able to amplify your voices even if you don’t live in Alabama.

The Atlantic reports that there is a very slight chance that the Senate could expel Moore if he is elected. In that case, you could contact your Senator to make it clear that you want them to expel him.

If you are in Alabama and Moore is elected, you should hold other Republican politicians in your state who stated Moore’s behavior was acceptable, like David Hall and Jim Zeigler, accountable. Nationwide, you can continue peacefully protesting Trump.

And, as always, no matter where you live, you can show your support for organizations who help victims — particularly underage victims — of sexual assault and abuse. Organizations like RAINN and Prevent Child Abuse America are just two examples.

For now, you should focus your energy on encouraging the people of Alabama to not elect Moore. And remember that there are things you can — and should — do to help end sexual misconduct against minors, no matter how this special election plays out.