Just so you know, Rey is 19 in “Star Wars: Force Awakens”

Here’s something for you to think about for the rest of the day: Rey, the amazing female protagonist of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is 19 years old during the events of the movie.

This little tidbit was confirmed via the Star Wars Twitter, which has been having some fun with Tuesday Trivia. It’s nothing Earth-shattering or particularly groundbreaking, but nowhere in the movie was Rey’s actual age ever stated.

It’s also interesting to think about because Rey is 19, a total badass, and probably going to bring balance to the Force — or at least tip the scales a little bit. What did you accomplish when you were 19, HUH? And what have you accomplished today, whether you’re 19 or 29, or somewhere in between? Raise your hand if you can barely even remember to get milk at the grocery store.

Rey’s age is also interesting because know how old Luke (and by extension, Leia) was during A New Hope? 19. HMMMMMM. Could this be a clue as to her parentage? Or is it just a coincidence that heroes and heroines of the Star Wars saga happen to start their Big Life-Changing Journeys when they’re 19? Might it be time for a new Rey Theory, this one based solely on the sheer age coincidence between her and her (probably, come on) brand new Jedi Master, Luke? Or, is it nothing more than a pretty good coincidence?

Good thing we’ve still got 681 days until Episode VIII opens! That’s more than enough time to work through these lingering Rey theories regarding the significance of her age, her parents, and literally everything else.

And case you’re curious about everyone else: Finn is 23, Kylo Ren is 29, Poe is 32, and General Hux is 34. BB-8, meanwhile, is an ageless ball of cuteness forever and eveeeeer.

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