Here’s how much money Lorelai probably spent on coffee in “Gilmore Girls”

Gilmore Girls’ Lorelai Gilmore is enthusiastic, hilarious, cunning, and always high-energy. And that’s probably because it’s not blood that runs through her veins, but coffee.

But for how much she loved coffee, did she ever make it at home? For the most part, it seems like Lorelai bought it, and we all know coffee shop/diner coffee is expensive AF.

So, how much did Lorelai spend on coffee? We see her grabbing a medium-sized cup around 4-7 times per episode — sometimes it’s from Luke’s, and sometimes it’s from Independence Inn. And both places *probably* hook her up with some free coffee.


But what if Lorelai actually had to pay for her coffee addiction?


Since Luke’s coffee and Independence Inn are fictional places, we looked up Dunkin’ Donuts (a pretty standard, non-fancy place to get your cup ‘o joe nationwide) coffee prices  in Connecticut. And for a medium cup of regular black coffee, it costs around $2.34. Since Gilmore Girls aired 16 years ago and coffee prices have only gone up, we’ll approximate that a medium cup cost around $1.99 in the early 2000s.

4 medium cups of coffee x $1.99 = ~$8/a day for coffee

So this = $56/week in coffee

Which is $224/month in coffee

Which is a whopping $2,688/year on coffee shop coffee.

Of course this is just an estimate of what Lorelai *should* be spending. Luckily, our girl has her coffee hookups.


(Images via Tumblr/The CW; Giphy/The CW)