We now know how much Magic Kingdom is worth, and that is A LOT of Dole Whips

You can’t put a price on the magic of Walt Disney World, but you can certainly put a price on the actual *land.*

While Disney is (probably) never, ever going to release the actual numbers about how much their property in Orlando, Florida is worth, someone else is trying to correctly guess it. And by someone else, we mean the state of Florida. Orange County (the county Disney World is located in) recently appraised the property for tax purposes. Disney is already fighting these numbers, which they claim are “too high.” While they’re HIGH, they’re probably a good ballpark number.

So, just how much is the Magic Kingdom worth? According to the appraisal, a whopping $437 million.

That’s not even the most expensive park! The appraisal lists EPCOT at $446 million which is so, so much. Hollywood Studios falls at $339 million, and Animal Kingdom’s number was not released (but, if the appraisal was done by the actual land space and what it inhabits, Animal Kingdom will probably come out ahead of EPCOT — it is a much bigger park, and has so many animals, and also Avatar).

If you ask Disney, these numbers are astronomically high, and they are suing. “The increases in the assessments of our property are unreasonable and unjustified,” Disney said in a statement, according to the Orlando Sentinel. This court case is how these numbers first came to light, as they were disclosed in the documents.

And in case you’re wondering, $437 million translates to roughly 97,327,394 Dole Whips. We did the math.

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