How much did it cost to make “Black Panther”? The figure is eye-opening

We already know Black Panther is predicted to break box-office records, but how does that compare to the $$$ it took to produce the blockbuster film?

Including the salaries for a dream cast of A-list talentsuperhero movies like Black Panther are notoriously expensive to make. These high-energy action romps require a more robust roster of on-set support and stunt doubles. They also use extensive technology and CGI programming to make the visuals look gorgeous and eye-popping.

So, when all was said and done, Black Panther cost a staggering $200 million to make. And that doesn’t even include marketing and advertising.

To be honest, the price tag isn’t really surprising. We’re talking about the fictional, futuristic African nation of Wakanda here. There are spaceships, superconductors, and skyscrapers in the country; the beautiful costumes are rich in detail. That stuff doesn’t come cheap.

And Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, hopes filmgoers will notice.

"The resources devoted to this movie are equal to and in fact surpass our last couple of movies," Feige told Vulture in a recent interview. "It’s a big story that deserves to be told in a big way, for all of the cultural and political reasons that people talk about, but also because it’s such a key corner of our Marvel universe, and has been for decades and decades."

However, given that Black Panther is already on track to make close to that — if not exceed it — by the end of Presidents’ Day weekend, there’s no doubt the film will easily recoup its budget (and then some!).

With a $200 million budget, Black Panther cost more to make than 2008’s Iron Man ($186 million). It was less expensive than 2016’s Captain America: Civil War ($225 million).

If you remember, the character of Black Panther made his Marvel movie debut in Captain America: Civil War.

From turning Sterling K. Brown into a Disney prince to introducing us to the new best Disney princess ever, there are lots of reasons to see Black Panther. And with the stacks of cash it took to make this masterpiece, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

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