This is how kids benefit from having working moms, and it’s just one more reason to stop shaming women in the workplace

It’s been said too often to women that working outside the home is bad for your kids. A new study dispels that myth about working moms, which means it’s time to stop shaming them (Well, it’s always been time to stop shaming working moms — but you know what we mean).

According to a new study from Oxford University and the London School of Economics, kids with two parents who both work outside the home develop vital skills faster than kids with a parent at home full-time.

The study found kids who went to daycare performed 10% better socially, and another 10% better with everyday skills like movement and speech. Interactive activities and higher quantities of time spent with peers benefit a child’s development, researchers say.


But stay-at-home moms shouldn't fret: Home activities like reading, storytelling, and arts and crafts can mimic this development.

“Those with a huge head-start are more advanced but, in the end, social and emotional development evens out for the average child,” David Carey, a child psychologist, said to the Irish Times.

In other words: Stop shaming other moms for their choices. Turns out kids in daycare do just fine.

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